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Trinity Western University, Langley, British Columbia—A healthy lifestyle involves much more than exercise and diet. The International Conference on Searching for Meaning in the New Millennium will reveal new discoveries on how meaning, purpose and spirituality contribute to health, happiness, and longevity.

The Meaning Conference is hosted by the School of Graduate Studies of Trinity Western University of Langley, B.C. It will be held at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre, July 13-16. Hundreds of attendees from all over the world will be participating.

More than 130 experts will be gathered at this first major international conference to exchange information on the role of meaning and spirituality in mental and physical health. Keynote speakers will include Dr. Irvin Yalom, foremost authority on existential psychotherapy, and Dr. David Myers, an internationally known researcher on happiness and spirituality.

Many plenary sessions and symposia will explore the role of personal meaning in successful aging, productive management, emotional intelligence, and coping with stress, illness and death anxiety. Some of the best-known researchers on positive psychology will share their latest research findings.

The Meaning Conference is open to mental health workers, researchers and all people interested in a pursuing a more meaningful life in the new millennium. This Conference is part of a much larger, grassroots, positive revolution, which seeks to recover meaning, hope, faith, and love in an increasingly digital, materialistic world.

For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Wong, Conference Chair,, or 604-513-2056.

Last Updated: 2012-08-21
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