TWU Choirs, J.I. Packer, Mark Oswald: Renowned theologian teams with choir and leading Baritone for concert

Trinity Western University’s 160 voice choir joins Metropolitan Opera Baritone, Mark Oswald, to offer a performance unfolding timeless themes of faith, holiness and marriage. On Sunday, November 24th, at 7:00pm in the Chandos Pattison Auditorium in Surrey, the choral music will be accompanied by a full orchestra and an original narrative written and delivered by J.I. Packer. Together, they will present “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “A Celebration of Marriage”.

“In this concert we want to tell a story,” says Dr. Wes Janzen, Director of Choral Activities. “We will not simply perform music. There will be a narrative thread, based on great and timeless themes of faith.”

Though combining a celebration of marriage with a choir evening may seem unusual, Janzen explains why it is ideal.

“The theme came to us simply because a good thing is worth celebrating. Of course, we live in a world of brokenness, yet God’s will and plan for marriage is still beautiful and positive.”

When questioned if this intriguing theme might be difficult to communicate, Janzen replies, “That’s one of the reasons we are doing it. God’s plan for marriage is good, and we want our young people to know this. Those who have experienced brokenness will appreciate this concert in a special way.”

Janzen expressed that both he and Packer sensed overwhelmingly that the timing for this sort of celebration was right. And J.I. Packer should know. Recognized for his classic, Knowing God, Packer has been named one of the most influential theologians of the twentieth century, second only to C.S. Lewis, according to a recent poll in Christianity Today. Trinity Western is pleased to welcome Packer for a third choral performance as he will deliver an original narrative text, prepared specifically for this concert.

Joining Packer will be Mark Oswald, the Metropolitan Opera Baritone who is making a fifth appearance with the TWU Choirs.

“Mark is an incredible artist, with a beautiful and powerful voice,” says Janzen, who first met Oswald while they were students at the University of Cincinnati. “He is uniquely called to live out his Christian faith in the secular arts scene of New York, and we’re honored to have him as one of our guests.”

Since winning the national Metropolitan Opera auditions as a third year undergrad, Oswald has become quite a sensation. He has made over 200 appearances at the Met (a dozen this year alone), has been televised with the Boston Pops, and has sung with the Chicago Symphony, Montreal Symphony, Vienna Opera, Hamburg Opera and Frankfurt Opera. Oswald has also been featured in BBC Music Magazine as someone whose star will continue to rise in the opera world.

The concert will include Kodaly’s “Miserere”, J.S. Bach’s “Sanctus”, and selections from Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” and Haydn’s “Creation”. Oswald will perform the roles of Elijah and Adam. Joining the guest list will also be Charlene Pauls, soprano, Akira Nagai, Vancouver Symphony concertmaster, and TWU’s own Wes Janzen, Director of Choral Activities.

Event: Holy, Holy, Holy and A Celebration of Marriage with J.I. Packer

Date: Sunday, November 24th

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Chandos Pattison Auditorium, Surrey, B.C.

Tickets: At TWU bookstore or call Carole Davis at (604) 513-2036

Last Updated: 2007-09-26