Back in class with fresh options: TWU introduces four new majors

Langley, B.C.—This fall, Trinity Western University welcomes the largest cohort of students yet to pile through its doors. And along with this increased volume is an increase in options, as TWU has added four new undergrad majors bringing the total to 38.

“We are anticipating 1,100 new students enrolling in programs at the university, and 860 of those will be undergraduate studies,” says Ron Kuehl, vice-president for enrolment marketing and strategic projects. Trinity Western University is expecting over 3,500 students to find a home at TWU, an eight percent increase from last September.

“As enrollment continues to climb,” continues Kuehl, “we feel that students will be attracted to a wider range of programs and options that continue to provide them with exceptional university education, preparing them to be leaders in a competitive marketplace.”

TWU students will now be able to major in Modern Languages, Sport and Leisure Management, Art, European Studies and minor in Spanish.

Demand for a major in Modern Languages and European Studies has risen as the university seeks to prepare students for international work of various kinds, whether in business, education or development. Language options have exploded at Trinity Western this fall with the addition of numerous introductory language classes.

“It’s very popular,” says Kelsey Haskett, PhD, Chair of the Modern Language Department. “We’re finding an increasing interest in languages among students. Spanish is becoming more popular and French has always been popular for those who want to teach or go into international studies.”

Since TWU already offers classes in French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, students will now be able use this breadth of language instruction in a Modern Languages major.

“Not only will it introduce students to new concepts of language,” says Haskett, who earned her Doctorate from French-based Laval University in Quebec City. “But it will open the doors to a vast body of literature, and to the people and cultures represented by these languages. Being proficient in two or three languages will give them more of a global perspective and will allow them to work in more countries as well as teach those languages.”

In addition to studying the language, students are encouraged to take time to immerse themselves in the culture.

“Most students will take a course in Quebec with the government bursary. We also encourage students to go to the Jacques Lefèvre Institute in Normandy for a summer cultural class and are hoping to provide a bilingual trip to France in 2004.”

Students enrolled in the European Studies major will also have the opportunity to study abroad. This year, TWU launched a new course that brought more than 20 students to Rome and Geneva where they studied humanitarianism, ecumenism and the global community. Other European travel studies include a fine arts course in London, and the Irish Studies Program.

In a competitive marketplace, fluency in several languages is not the focus of every student. At the other end of the spectrum there are students whose passions encompass both sports and business. In the past, TWU students pursing such a career often obtained a double major in order to achieve their specific breadth of knowledge. To accommodate students, the Sport and Leisure Management major is being introduced creating integrated classes that have led to a unique partnership between TWU’s School of Human Kinetics and School of Business.

“Sport business is a fast-growing and dynamic field,” says Dr. Blair Whitmarsh, Director of Human Kinetics at TWU. “So when we saw the opportunity to offer those two fields in one stream we decided to go for it. It’s a more efficient and effective way for students to reach their goal.”

The two degrees offered in this major will include a Bachelor of Arts in Sport and Leisure Management (multi-disciplinary degree for the entrepreneur) and a Bachelor of Human Kinetics with a stream in Sport and Leisure Management (for the student interested in a broader scope of Human Kinetics).

Job possibilities for such a mixed bag of education include: national sports directors, marketers in professional sport and advertising, business finance, and accounting as related to sport and camp aquatics. Currently, many sport and leisure graduates pursue physiotherapy, chiropractic medicine, certified kinesiology, coaching, and teaching.

Trinity Western University, located in Langley, B.C., is a not-for-profit Christian liberal arts university enrolling over 3,200 students this year. With a broad based, liberal arts and sciences curriculum, the University offers undergraduate degrees in 38 major areas of study ranging from business, education and computer science to biology and nursing, and 12 other graduate degrees including counseling psychology, theology and administrative leadership.

Last Updated: 2015-07-13
Author: Keela Keeping