Langley drama student learns her lesson

“Every language is in fact only a manner of speaking”- the Professor, excerpt from Eugene Ionesco’s “The Lesson”

Langley, B.C. —Local Langley drama student Christy Lynne Guthrie, has been practicing for her upcoming role since kindergarten; she has been chosen to play the lead role of the student in TWU’s drama production entitled “The Lesson” by Eugene Ionesco. The play, directed by Angela Konrad will run from February 12 to 15 at 8:00 p.m. in the Robert. N. Thompson building on the TWU campus.

The comedic drama focuses on a lesson between a student, her professor, and his intrusive maid. The dialogue is humourous, witty, quirky at times and even dances on the edge of the bizarre.

“I was excited by working on a play which is such a collaborative process," says Guthrie of her debut in a major production. "Although people say it’s very political, being written at the height of WWII, it’s more than that. I think it will make you laugh. It is definitely a comedy at the core and will take the audience on a roller coaster ride, since it is so unpredictable.”

Guthrie, a third year at TWU, who beat out about 40 hopefuls to take one of the most coveted roles, is also an accomplished musician. She started as a voice major but switched to drama once her passion for it became more evident. “My family was not surprised at all when I told them I wanted to switch majors; they are very supportive,” says Guthrie. “It’s funny because I never really thought about pursuing acting until I came to TWU, but now I’m passionate about learning more about this craft.”

Eugene Ionesco, known as “father of the theatre of the absurd,” wrote the play in whimsical humour and “The Lesson” is considered one of Ionesco’s most intriguing plays, demonstrates a satirical look at the education system.

Date: February 12-15, 2003
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: Freedom Hall, Robert. N. Thompson building, Trinity Western University, 7600 Glover Road, Langley
Admission: $ 5
For more information: contact Angela at (604) 888-7511 ext. 3576

“I was attracted to the play because the story is thought-provoking with an intriguing combination of humour and danger," says Konrad. “One of the reasons I do live theatre is that I think words matter, and asking the question whether they have absolute meaning is very interesting.”

Konrad is also enthusiastic about the performance and admits that though the play is quite dark it does permit a unique opportunity to reflect on some interesting discussions with friends and family. “It raises questions about the nature of teaching and the roles and responsibilities of people in authority. We often don’t ask ourselves about the learning process, whether it is acquired or ingrained in us.”

Guthrie, who hopes to continue pursuing acting in the future, also loves to work with children and has served as an intern running day camps for kids during the summer. She is equally thrilled to use her music background in an upcoming play by Pacific Theatre entitled, “The Ten November,” where she was chosen for one of the three female singing roles in the production.

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Last Updated: 2015-07-13
Author: Keela Keeping