TWU Celebrates International Day

Langley, B.C.—Forget burgers and fries—come load up on sadza, sushi, and Indian curry. On February 6, TWU will celebrate International day and take students and the public on a cultural exchange.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn about a country you would not ordinarily know anything about. Whether it’s trying to speak the language or eating their food, it’s what makes all our backgrounds so interesting,” says Amber Butler, an International Student Ministries Coordinator.

The whole campus will be a bustle of foreign activity; beginning with an international chapel service at 11:00 a.m. in the gymnasium featuring the TWU dance team. Following the chapel, everyone is invited to eat Japanese curry in the international dormitory apartments. And later in the atrium, students will have information booths set up with displays of their home country.

Other demonstrations will include afternoon workshops that include a Japanese tea ceremony, sushi making, Tae Kwon Do demonstrations, origami making and tasting of Zimbabwean cuisine. Some of the countries represented will be Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, Ecuador, Turkey, Mexico, Sudan, Ethiopia, Panama, Italy, and Lithuania.

“The most interesting aspect of International day is teaching others what makes cultures different and unique. That bridges the understanding and appreciation we have of one another,” says Jean Rwomwijhu, a fourth year TWU student, who is originally from Uganda.

Once everyone has tired from all the festivities, they are invited to visit the international students’ new home base. Earlier this year the university opened an international lounge, called “the GLOBE”— a home away from home for students from around the world. The lounge invites all students to take part in a cultural experience, while making life –long friendships in the process.

The lounge’s opening also provided the opportunity to introduce the newly formed International Leadership Council (ILC) at TWU. The ILC is made up of 15 members from India, China, Japan, Indonesia, U.S. and Canada. The council is committed to supporting the international community at Trinity Western, to help discover international opportunities for the University, and to help raise the global profile of TWU.

Members include Dr. Victor Ling, head of research, B.C. Cancer Research Agency; Andrew Cheung, founder and owner of Bethany Retreat Centre, Toronto; Paul Lieu, founder and president of Aurion Communications, Beijing; Gary Bartholemew, president of ESLI International; Mr. Ajit and Mrs. Shanthi Thomas, founder and president, AV Thomas Group of Companies, Madras, India; Dr. Thomas In Sing Leong, founder, executive director, Culture Regeneration Research Society, Vancouver; Samuel Chang, property developer, Calgary; Stanley Ng, founder of TXL Insurance, Vancouver; Mr. Yoshisuke and Mrs. Naoe Noguchi, owner of Noguchi Software, Tokyo; Sharon Hayes, former MP Coquitlam, BC, and Guy Saffold, Ed D, Executive vice-president, TWU.

At the end of the day, celebrations close with a presentation of the award winning film Kandahar in the Northwest building at 9:30 pm. This political film, which was shot on the border of Iran and Afghanistan, tells the true story of a female journalist whose escape from Afghanistan is short lived when she returns to rescue her sister.

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Last Updated: 2015-07-13
Author: Keela Keeping