TWU graduates 500 students this spring

Langley, B.C.—Strength, ingenuity and astuteness. These are the character traits shared by TWU grads and Nalgene water bottles alike. Half-full of optimism and an unquenchable desire to set out on a life adventure, over 500 students participated in Trinity Western University’s graduation ceremonies this spring.

To remind the students of their achievement, TWU’s alumni department gave each graduate a small Nalgene water bottle with “TWU Alumni” written on its side.

Seventy Langley residents were among the graduates who both received the token water bottle and made the milestone transition from student to alumni. They include:

Samantha Bagshaw, BA in General Studies (with Distinction)
Jonathan Bergen, Bachelor of Business Administration (with Distinction)
Nathaniel Boersema, BA in Inter-cultural Religious Studies
Ruth Boldt, BA in Psychology (with Distinction)
Shawna Buhler, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Roger Cannon, BA in General Studies
Yen Ching Chen, BA in Music
Dong-Hyun Cho, BA in Religious Studies
Sarah Dornan, BA in General Studies
Ji Yeon Choi, BA in Psychology
Wei Hong Chou, Bachelor of Business Administration
Kevin Fedrau, Bachelor of Education
Cary Funk, BA of International Studies
Sandra Gannon, BA in General Studies
Vanessa Goetzke, Bachelor of Science in Biology
David Graff, Bachelor of Science in Biology
Ben Gulbrandsen, BA in General Studies
Liang Yuan Hus, BA in General Studies
Asako Ida, BA in Psychology
Melanie Jakovac, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Tenaya Johnson, BA in History (with Distinction)
Colin Kellner, Bachelor of Business Administration
Farhan Khoja, Bachelor of Science in Computers
Gillian King, BA in Psychology
Kathryn Kirkland, Bachelor of Education
Kaitlin Kirkwood, BA of Human Kinetics
Angela Krikke, BA in Inter-cultural Religious Studies (with Distinction)
Harrison Kroeker, Bachelor of Business Administration
Chu Fui Lai, BA in Psychology
Matthew Lang, BA in Communication
Hsin Ju Lee, BA in Psychology (with Distinction)
Jonathan Leung, BA in Psychology
Yuhong Li, Bachelor of Business Administration (with Distinction)
Yu Chun Liao, Bachelor of Business Administration
Sabrina Locicero, BA in Communications (with Great Distinction)
Benjamin Martens, BA in Psychology with Honours (with Great Distinction)
Kelli Martens, BA in General Studies
Brian Miller, BA in General Studies
Ian Moes, Bachelor of Business Administration
Daniel Nagtegaal, BA in English
Huong Thi Bich Nguyen, Bachelor of Business Administration
Benjamin Orlowski, BA in Philosophy
Jung Hyung Park, BA in Communications
Alene Petovello, BA in Sociology (with Great Distinction)
Marin Reith, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Maria Roukema, BA in General Studies
Jesse Scellenberg, BA in Religious Studies
Kimberly Severeid, BA in General Studies
Rachelle Sevigny, Bachelor of Business Administration
Hye Jung Shin, BA in Linguistics
Jennifer Simington, BA in History
Arnica Skulstad-Brown, BA in Drama and Music (with Great Distinction)
Amanda Storteboom, Bachelor of Education (with Distinction)
Kristy Thiessen, BA in General Studies (with Distinction)
Mark Thiessen, Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours
Kathryn Tonelli, BA in Geography (with Distinction)
Karen Vanderboom, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Angela Van der Wal, BA in Linguistics (with Great Distinction)
Matthew Van Muyen, BA in History (with Distinction)
Jason VanDyck, BA of Human Kinetics
Cherilyn Vose, BA in International Studies (with Distinction)
Kelly Warnock, BA in English
Michael Wendland, Bachelor of Business Administration (with Distinction)
Todd White, BA in Biblical Studies
Melissa Youds, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Feng Zeng, , Bachelor of Science in Biology

Fort Langley Graduates:
Micheal Braun, BA in Linguistics (with Great Distinction)
Marilyn Ens, Bachelor of Business Administration
Ram Hundal, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Christy Shea, Bachelor of Education

“We’re proud of our grads,” says Paul Perschon, Executive Director of Alumni Relations for TWU.

These graduates now join over 16,000 Trinity Western University alumni worldwide. “Because of the whole-person education they received at Trinity Western, we’re confident TWU grads will be successful in the marketplace and exceptional in contributing positively to their communities,” says Perschon.

Trinity Western University, located in Langley, B.C., is a not-for-profit Christian liberal arts university enrolling over 3,200 students this year. With a broad based, liberal arts and sciences curriculum, the University offers undergraduate degrees in 38 major areas of study ranging from business, education and computer science to biology and nursing, and 12 other graduate degrees including counseling psychology, theology and administrative leadership.


Last Updated: 2015-07-13
Author: Keela Keeping