TWU students honoured for achievement, leadership and service

This weekend, five hundred Trinity Western University students made the official transition from undergraduate to graduate during the ceremonies at Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly. Throughout the school year many of the students attain outstanding achievement and demonstrate remarkable leadership, and three of them were given special acknowledgement at the 2003 commencement.

Valedictorian Sarah Lang completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies and a concentration in math—all within three years and while maintaining an A+ average. Though she studies hard, perfect marks and high achievement are not her top priority. “It just happens that I do well because I love my classes,” she says. “Marks are not the goal. I have a hunger to learn in everything I do; the professors here—all of them—have helped feed that curiosity.”

Lang will continue to fee her appetite for learning as she travels through Japan, Korea, China and Tibet this summer visiting some of the homes of her former roommates. “Since living in the international dorm with people from all over the world I have developed such a global perspective,” says Lang. “Now it’s time to go and see that lived out.”

In January, after she’s finished traveling, Lang plans to teach English in Tibet for two years at the English Language Institute while working on her Masters in intercultural studies from Wheaton College.

In addition to awarding high academic achievement, the University also honours students for outstanding service. Each year the graduating class democratically selects two citizenship award recipients and this year they selected Stephen Doxsee and Buki Daramola.

As part of Trinity Western’s Student Ministries, Doxsee has been a small group leader and in his senior year he served on TWU’s Student Association as the Senior Class Representative As such Doxsee has gone out of his way to serve and support his student body, while balancing academic excellence and leadership development. In addition to advocating for his peers, planning events, informing students about TWU activities, this computer science major used his savvy computer skills to create a 2003 graduating class website through which users could find updates on TWU events. Doxsee also created an on-line ticket draw to distribute fairly extra graduation ceremony tickets, which was much appreciated by his fellow students.

It’s Stephen positive outlook that pushes him to go beyond the call of duty. “I think it’s important to be a representative of whatever you’re a citizen of,’ he says. “Take ownership of whatever you belong to—contribute to it, stand up for it, support it and help it grow.” Stephen represents Canada in France this summer where he will work in a media centre before returning to Toronto to begin his masters in computer science.

Communications student Buki Daramola was also honoured with the citizenship award for her enhancement of the TWU community. Throughout her university career, Daramola served with Habitat for Humanity and Youth Extreme, an organization that works with high risk youth in East Vancouver. She also served as a Summer Collegium Project Assistant and as an Admissions Student Assistant.

Daramola, a native of Kenya, came a long way for her post-secondary education, but since her move, she has become an integral part of the TWU community.

“My first year here, a month and a half after leaving home, my mom passed away. My first reaction was, ‘why God did you bring me so far and then let this happen?’ But through the tragedy, I felt really confirmed that I should be here. That was a direct result of the phenomenal community on campus. My professors supported me, my roommates would stay up with me and an alumnus even paid my tuition for the rest of the year. And people went out of their way to make sure I made it back for my mom’s funeral. The support and the mentorship I experienced at TWU really made me want to give back.” Daramola plans to continue giving back as a child advocacy lawyer.


Last Updated: 2015-07-13
Author: Keela Keeping