ACTS Seminaries expands strategic partnership for theological education in Canada

Langley, B.C.—ACTS Seminaries (ACTS) of Trinity Western University is pleased to announce the full partnership of Canadian Pentecostal Seminary in the consortium. Now uniting six denominations, ACTS is committed to the cultivation of articulate, godly servant leaders for the church in Canada and internationally.

“Each denominational partner adds richness and diversity to the enterprise,” says Phil Zylla, D.Th., Principal of ACTS Seminaries, “but we are united in the core mission of leadership training for vocational ministries and well-formed engagement in the complex needs of Canadian society.” According to Zylla, ACTS reflects the goodwill of multiple denominations working collaboratively towards the common aims of the consortium.

On behalf of the partnership, Zylla extends a warm welcome: “The Presidents and Boards of the member schools congratulate Dr. Jim Lucas, President of Canadian Pentecostal Seminary and their Board for this major advancement in their own vision for the development of ministry leadership in Canada and across the globe.”

“When we work together, we strengthen our mission,” says Zylla. “And that mission is to advance the purposes of God with harmony, mutual concern, and dedication to the shaping of articulate leadership for the church.”

Jim Lucas, D.Min., is equally pleased about the partnership. “We look forward to working with ACTS,” he says, “to train godly, effective and empowered leaders for Canada and around the world.”

And ACTS has proven that a partnership model of theological education in Canada can not only stand the test of time—it can thrive. In 1988, the three original ACTS partners put to action their vision for sharing resources to the common purpose of developing ministry leadership for the church in Canada. Since that time, The Associated Canadian Theological Schools of Trinity Western University has grown to six partners and over 500 students. This unique model has allowed member schools to cultivate leadership who have a deep sense of their own heritage and theological distinctives, while gaining insight into the broader landscape of the evangelical church in Canada.

“The addition of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada to the core constituencies of ACTS Seminaries broadens our church base to over 2500 churches across Canada,” says Zylla. “And it extends our mission to various cross-cultural contexts supported by mission activity of the partnership.”

ACTS Seminaries collectively makes up the Graduate School of Theological Studies of Trinity Western University. This linkage with Trinity Western University broadens the resources of the consortium in a creative and dynamic university environment.

Last Updated: 2015-07-16
Author: Keela Keeping