Art department breaks the mould: “Art Talks” resumes for spring semester

Langley, B.C.—The first has art in the Vatican, the second instructs in an authentic art studio and the third uses clothing to explore culture. This semester, three highly accomplished art professors will be conducting the next series of analytical public “Art Talks” lectures at Trinity Western University. Abstract expressionist and former UBC professor, Peter Voormeij, will guest lecture on January 14th, three-dimensional sculptor and recent TWU professor, David Robinson, will lecture February 11th, and artistic social critic and long-time TWU professor, Sharalee Regehr will lecture March 10th.

“It’s a rare chance to see what these artists are working on professionally, hear the ideas that ground their work, and see the impact they’re making culturally,” says Erica Grimm-Vance, TWU associate professor of art and Art Talks external coordinator. “Some of these instructors have been working daily on their visual work for 20 odd years and are really doing incredible things.”

Grimm-Vance notes that it’s equally important for students, both current and future, to view the work of their professors. “There are so many questions that arise for people who are at the beginning of their journey and in the midst of an educational process,” she says. “Seeing a sustained body of work gives students a sense of what the professional life of a visual artist is like. Observing how a visual vocabulary is honed, grown and changed while being cohesive is extremely beneficial for art students.”

The Art Talks’ first speaker, Peter Voormeij, a master of line and the gestural brush stroke according to Grimm-Vance, has a long exhibiting record, including Rome’s Vatican museum. He has taught at institutions worldwide, including New York and the Netherlands, and locally at UBC, Langara and Arctic College.

“He has an incredibly beautiful understanding and handling of colour, line and form and communicates it quite eloquently,” says Grimm-Vance. “He’s using pure visual language so I think he’ll be a wonderful addition to our grouping of speakers.”

The second speaker, David Robinson, works three dimensionally, usually with the human body and with a variety of materials including bronze, steal, lead, and forton. His work often involves a figure suspended in the impossible situations he creates, indicating a heroic depiction of the human being. According to Grimm-Vance, Robinson often creates an authentic picture of the human condition through images that talk of woundedness. However to understand the artist’s intent one would have to speak to Robinson himself—and that’s just what TWU art students have done.

Robinson began teaching sculpture last semester, where, as part of the class, art students worked off campus at Robinson’s studio. The art studio is at the infamous 1000 Parker street where many other working artists have studio space as well. “They really enjoyed it,” says Grimm-Vance. “The process of getting off campus and immersing into the art world has been a real shot in the arm for many students.”

The third speaker, Sharalee Regehr, comes from a very multi-disciplinary background from which she adds energy, wit and humour to her teaching. “Visually, her work often tells the stories of women who have been marginalized and forgotten,” explains Grimm-Vance. “She tells the stories of the amazing things that women did against all odds.”

Recently Regehr has dealt with garments that women have worn through various ages reflecting the society and sociological context from which they came. Many of the garments reveal a lot about the way women have treated themselves, the way society has treated them and what will be thought of them by future generations. Regehr will explore this theme in the third Art Talk.

Art talk #1: Peter John Voormeij
Topic: A creative process
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Art Talk #2: David Robinson
Topic: Levitas/Gravitas
Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Art Talk #3: Sharalee Regehr
Topic: Nothing to Where? Redeeming stories of marginalized women through image
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Same for all:
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Northwest Auditorium on the Trinity Western University campus, 7600 Glover Road
Cost: Free
Contact: Erica Grimm-Vance, Coordinator, Art Department (604-888-7511)

Last Updated: 2015-07-16
Author: Keela Keeping