New MBA meets needs of entrepreneur and NGO sector

To start, it will be comprised of two unique specializations: an entrepreneurship and innovation stream and a management of not-for-profit and charitable organizations stream.

The first stream, also known as “management of growing an enterprise,” is a general MBA is an area regularly pursued by TWU graduates. “This specialization is a perfect match for TWU,” says Kevin Sawatsky, MBA, LLB, Dean of TWU's School of Business. “People often come to TWU from family business backgrounds, and this area of study will be very attractive to people in small- to medium-growing enterprises.”

Like numerous entrepreneurs, Tyler Douglas, co-founder of software company IronPoint Technology—recently acquired by San Diego based The Active Network —got his start at Trinity Western University. That's why he's convinced that an MBA program is a natural next step for TWU.

“The Trinity Western business school education was a good fit for me because of the small class sizes, quality education and values-based business education,” says Douglas, who graduated in 2000. “An MBA program is the obvious and natural extension of TWU's business program; I think it would be invaluable to any business oriented person who strongly identifies with the mission of the institution.”

The second specialization is focussed on the management of not-for-profit and charitable organizations. “I'm particularly excited about this stream” says Sawatsky “because there are few programs like it in Canada, and yet the not-for-profit sector accounts for close to twenty percent of total employment in Canada.”

A third stream, global business management, will be added within the next few years.

It's the Christian factor of the program, however, that truly makes it unique. Few, if any, faith-based business graduate programs exist in Canada.

“Building on a tradition of innovation and public service,” says Mark Lee, MBA, D.B.A., and MBA program director, “the TWU MBA will distinguish itself as a community of learners who understand that the highest goal of business is not simply to create profit, but to ethically generate and manage society's resources.” Dr. Lee, a specialist in leadership and human resource management and former president of Lakeland College, was recently hired by the university to give leadership to the launch of the MBA.

Some of the core objectives of the program include: developing a faith-based perspective on business, encouraging a global business perspective; equipping participants in the art of leadership, including the effective motivation and mobilization of employees to accomplish organizational goals and objectives; and providing participants with an ethics and values foundation that will ensure graduates function with a high degree of integrity in personal and professional life.

The 22-month program is designed for mid-career professionals with three to five years experience; however some new graduates will be admitted. The MBA will use a unique delivery system which features both in class and on-line courses. This approach will allow students to continue their employment while completing the MBA program. Class assignments will also be built on a student's current work environment.

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Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum