On-line learning gives first-year students greater flexibility

First Year Online is designed for students who plan to earn an accredited undergraduate degree but do not want to immediately move to an urban area after high school graduation.

According to Simon Gibson, First Year Online Program Advisor, First Year Online is tailored for students who want to improve their academic skills. “Students will receive plenty of experience in academic writing, organization and critical thinking, for example,” he says.

The program, which will enrol its first students this September, uses student groups to minimize the isolation of learning on-line.

“Each student will be part of an on-line community of about 25 learners, so there will be plenty of opportunity to interact in a group setting,” says Gibson. “Another nice feature is a learning coach, a university professor, who will work closely with each student throughout the year to help them achieve success.”

All courses are fully transferable to most North American universities and colleges.
Courses offered include: English, Business, Psychology, Communications, Sociology and History.

“We're expecting a good response to First Year Online because of the convenience for so many young Canadians who live outside urban centres,” he adds. “Plus, we priced it very attractively so many families will find it to be a smart choice. Add in the savings from not having to relocate to an urban centre and First Year Online will be an economical way to begin university.”

For more information contact Simon Gibson toll free at 1-866-614-4652 or email simon.gibson@twu.ca

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Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum