Trinity Western University ranked as top institution for quality education based on the 2006 Globe and Mail University Report Card.

Anyone interested in post secondary education should get their hands on this special insert as it spotlights how Canada's universities are ranking in across the country. After 32,000 undergraduate students were asked 100 questions ranging from the quality of teaching to how much they like their food on campus, the results were finally tallied and packaged into the annual report card.

The universities ranked were grouped into four population profiles: Large – enrolment more than 22,000; Medium – enrolment between 12,000-22,000; Small – enrolment between 4,000-12,000 and Very Small – enrolment less than 4,000. Each university was rated in 15 categories with grades ranging from D's to A+'s. This is the fifth edition of the Globe and Mail's report card and contains the largest number of schools rated. Simon Beck, Editor of the University Report Card writes, “Our assessment has spread to 49 schools – up from 37 – thanks to high participation rates from some of the country's smaller universities (several among Canada's elite).”

While TWU may be small, it ranks, according to the Globe and Mail Report Card, the highest in Quality of Education. In fact, out of the entire university listings in all four groups, TWU was the only school to receive an A+, beating out larger universities such as UBC, UWO and Waterloo. Trinity Western University did exceptionally in other categories as well with many high marks in faculty interaction, quality of teaching and class size.

The following is the overall rankings for Trinity Western University.

Quality of Education A+
Class Size A+
Student – Faculty Interaction A+
Quality of Teaching A
Most Satisfied Students A
Academic Reputation A-
Diversity of extra-curricular activities A-
Quality of Student Services B+
Quality of Career Preparation B+
Variety of Courses B
Libraries B
Student Residences C
Availability of Financial Assistance C+
Fitness and Sports Facilities C+
Food Services D

Dr. Jonathan Raymond, TWU's new president, comments on the University's significant ratings by saying, “I am not surprised. It validates what I discovered in my first 100 days, that Trinity Western University truly is higher, higher education.”

The Report Card also featured an article in which TWU student Sarah Weigum commented on Trinity Western University's unique learning opportunities. Weigum says, “The direct feedback from professors, the way we talk back and forth, made for an incredible learning experience.” Weigum was also chosen to participate in a four-month internship at the Ottawa Citizen newspaper while attending TWU's prestigious Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa.

Trinity Western University, located in Langley, B.C., is a not-for-profit Christian liberal arts university enrolling approximately 4000 students this year. With a broad based, liberal arts and sciences curriculum, the University offers undergraduate degrees in 39 major areas of study ranging from business, education and computer science to biology and nursing, and 15 graduate degrees including counseling psychology, business, humanities, theology and administrative leadership.

Last Updated: 2007-10-11
Author: Erin Mussolum