TWU English Professor, Dr. Barbara Pell, wins Leading Women Award.

Dr. Barbara Pell is the recipient of a 2008 Leading Women Award.

On March 1st, Trinity Western University Professor of English Dr. Barbara Pell will receive a 2008 Leading Women Award in the category of Education, Training and Development.

The yearly awards, created in 2001, are presented at the National Christian Leadership Conference for Women held in Toronto. The awards celebrate women that have made an "extraordinary contribution to the success of the work and ministry in their area."

Nominated by colleagues Dr. Holly Faith Nelson and Professor Lynn Szabo, Dr. Pell is considered one of the best-known Christian scholars of Canadian literature in the nation. Completing her Ph.D. in Canadian literature at the University of Toronto in 1981, Pell has had an impressive career teaching at the university level and publishing numerous articles and books. She has served as an external reviewer for several journals, academic publishers, and graduate theses from other institutions. She is President of the Board of Vancouver's Pacific Theatre and co-founder and Emeritus Chair of the Christianity and Literature Study Group (CLSG) where scholars present papers on religion and literature every year at the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences. She also co-founded the Women's Faculty Caucus at Trinity Western University.

"Dr. Pell has served as a role model for her colleagues and her students. When I first came to Trinity Western University as a new faculty member, it was Dr. Pell who mentored, encouraged, and guided me both personally and professionally, who made manifest the possibility that a Christian woman could be a successful wife, mother, scholar, and leader - regardless of the obstacles with which we are daily confronted," says Nelson. "She has enhanced my life, changing it for the better, as she has done for so many of her colleagues and students."

Professor Pell has taught for over 21 years at TWU and has seen more than 2000 students come through her doors. Amber Butler Rock recently completed her Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies in English and had Dr. Pell for a teacher in many courses while studying at TWU. Now employed as a writer in Seattle, Washington, Butler Rock is putting what she learned into practice.

Rock says, "Dr. Pell's strong, passionate personality infused her approach in the classroom. Sitting through her English lectures, I never stopped writing-by the end of each class, my hands would be so sore. She evinced an amazing breadth of knowledge in her field; she knew every critics' opinion and every accepted interpretation of the literature she presented. But what also impressed me was her equally strong desire to help students succeed."

The Leading Women Awards cover eight categories with only one winner from each. The award won in the Education, Training and Development category is awarded to an individual that best demonstrated a "Distinctive achievement in formal or informal education, employee training and development and/or research in leadership and personal and professional development."

Trinity Western University, in Langley, B.C. is an independent Christian liberal arts and sciences university enrolling approximately 4000 students. TWU offers undergraduate degrees in 40 major areas of study ranging from biotechnology, education, nursing, theatre and music, to psychology, communications and biblical studies. TWU's 16 graduate degree programs include counseling psychology, business, theology and leadership, and offers interdisciplinary studies in English, philosophy and history. TWU holds Canada Research Chairs in Biblical Studies, Biology and Interpretation, Religion & Culture.


Last Updated: 2008-05-05
Author: Erin Mussolum