Bursting with excitement!

Adam The Balloon Sculptor will be twisting balloons at the Great West Life Spirit of Christmas Celebration held at Trinity Western University in Langley. The event is free at attend.

Adam Kozielec has almost rock star fame. Otherwise known as Adam the Balloon Sculptor, his appearances draw screaming fans, long line-ups, and admirers wherever he goes. While the bulk of his fans might be under four-feet-tall, they adore him all the same and his fame is blowing up like the balloon he holds in his hand.

Kozielec first found his love for balloon twisting in his early 20's on a pier in Boston. There he saw a man on a park bench tying balloons and making balloon animals and he was completely mesmerized. "I just watched and watched and watched - it was amazing!" recalls Kozielec.

Bitten by the balloon bug the young man went home to his native Montreal and bought books, videos and a whole lot of balloons and began twisting and twisting. For hours he would watch television and twist balloons resulting in such a big pile of animals and characters that he would often give them away. "I was a big celebrity in my neighborhood," laughs Kozielec.

Adam the Balloon Sculptor, one of Kozielec's many performing personas, has been twisting balloons for over 16 years. What started as a fun hobby quickly caught on as a business and Kozielec now performs at over 500 functions a year.

When asked if he ever gets bored of tying the colourful latex, Kozielec says, "No! Absolutely not! Even at how advanced I am now there is always something to learn - something to learn by watching others and always something new and that's what makes it fun."

As a self taught artist, part of the learning takes place while Kozielec attends large conferences on balloon twisting, rubbing shoulders with balloon artists from all over the globe. Here they schmooze and twist, and Kozielec picks up tips and tricks to use in his own business. With all the new designs and shapes of balloons now being made, artists have more opportunity to create bigger and better designs. Says Kozielec, "The art form is so advanced now - it's just gone crazy!"

While Kozielec can twist a balloon into just about any shape, his favorite designs are monkeys, motorcycles, large palm trees - which he says are "easy to make and impressive to audiences" - and popular characters like Curious George and Elmo.

When asked why he loves it, Kozielec says enthusiastically, "Creativity. Creating something out of a balloon amazes me."

Adam The Balloon Sculptor will be performing at the free Great West Life Spirit of Christmas on November 28th from 4:00-8:00pm and again on Saturday November 29th from 5:30-8:00pm.

For more information on the Great West Life Spirit of Christmas check out the website at www.twu.ca/christmas or call the info line at 604-513-2006.

Kozielec can be reached via email at adam@partyempire.com

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Last Updated: 2008-11-25
Author: Erin Mussolum