Chinese students at TWU raise money for earthquake-torn country

Grace Zhang and Dong Yang are two of a group of Chinese students at TWU raising money for their earthquake torn country.

Langley, BC-On May 12th at 2:28pm a 7.9 magnitude rocked China's Siehuan Province and changed the country forever. While emergency personnel struggled to find the living, the devastation was felt over 10,000 kilometers away at Trinity Western University in the hearts and minds the Chinese student community.

Prompted to do something for their home country Dong Yang, a 24-year-old Communications major from Hubei Province supported by Grace Zhang, a 26-year-old Business major from Liaoning Province, and fellow students, put up posters with captivating images and a donation box to raise money for help that would be sent back home.

When asked why they wanted to do this Zhang replies, "Because we are far away from China and are not going home and we want to help. We know it is little...but it's something."

Both Yang and Zhang have hearts for those in China not just because they are both from the country but because a large number of the dead and injured were students. The quake happened in the afternoon in the middle of a busy school day. Says Zhang, "We are lucky and safe in Canada, and we can study."

The Chinese students will be attending the display in the TWU Reimer Student Centre Atrium at the university until Tuesday when they will be hosting a barbecue to raise more money. The hot dog sale will take place between 11:00-2:00pm. The group is hoping to have someone sponsor the food for the event.

Yang says, "We want to raise as much money as we can. There aren't many people here on campus right now because it's summer, but if we all get together and show support, we can all help."

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Last Updated: 2008-05-22
Author: Erin Mussolum