Theatre at TWU presents Scotland Road

Alexandra Voicu stars alongside Christopher Nash in Theatre at TWU’s production of Scotland Road – a story about a possible survivor of the Titanic. The production runs from February 13-16.

IN BRIEF: Trinity Western University presents Scotland Road, a psychological thriller by Jeffrey Hatcher. Inspired by a tabloid headline that read "Titanic survivor found on iceberg", this sometimes funny, always surprising drama follows one man's quest to discover the truth. Scotland Road runs five performances only, February 13 - 16, Wednesday - Saturday at 8 pm; Saturday matinee at 2 pm. For tickets and info,

According to American playwright Jeffrey Hatcher, a trip to the local 7-Eleven inspired his psychological thriller Scotland Road. Intrigued by a tabloid headline that read: "Titanic survivor found on iceberg", Hatcher soon dreamed up a story involving the possible survivor and a man desperate to discover the truth. This mystery of identity plays at Trinity Western University for five performances only, February 13 - 16, 2008.

"The Titanic continues to fascinate because it has become a historical icon," says director Lloyd Arnett. "We saw people at their worst and their best - demonstrating incredible arrogance and pride or remarkable courage and self-sacrifice - so we're forced to wonder how we would behave under similar circumstances."

John Astor (played by Christopher Nash) is a direct descendant of a Titanic victim so his pursuit of the truth is intensely personal. Because the only word she speaks when she is found is "Titanic", the woman (Alexandra Voicu) is initially not much help to Astor. It doesn't help him much either that the person charged with caring for the mysterious woman, Dr. Halbrech (Nicola Prigge) is more concerned with her patient's wellbeing than satisfying Astor's curiosity. Determined to expose the woman as a fraud, Astor uses increasingly manipulative tactics to prove his case, finally introducing a "real" Titanic survivor (Katherine Gauthier) to test the woman's story.

"You often hear that actors measure the importance of a role by the number of lines but I won't do that any more," laughs Voicu. A third year double major in theatre and communications, Voicu was last seen in the Pacific Theatre/Trinity Western University co-production of Remnants. "I'm discovering how challenging it is to communicate without words and the strength that there is in silence," she says. "This play is teaching me a lot about acting, relationships and about myself. And it is a lot of fun."

According to director Arnett, all the roles are demanding for his student actors because the characters exhibit such extremes. "These characters are compelling because they seem both outrageous and recognizable," he says. "Their idiosyncrasies make the show a challenge for the actors and they also make it really crackle for the audience."

The Trinity Western University production features costume design by Tracy Wright, lighting design by Lora-Lynne Frewing, and set design by Lloyd Arnett. The stage manager is Karyn Guenther, assisted by Anne-Sylvie Youm and Sarah Gauthier.

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Author: Erin Mussolum