UNDERGROUND: The Senior Art Show

Alma Visscher stands beside her work entitled unlived things: given//taken that, along with 7 other artists’ work, will be on exhibit during UNDERGROUND: The Senior Art Show at Trinity Western University April 11 & 12.

Langley, BC - Alma Visscher stands beside her work, entitled unlived things: given//taken. The graphite composition, made up of two 3' by 8' sheets of Mulberry paper, is just one of the works that will be on display from April 11 to 12 as graduating art students from Trinity Western University and special guests put on UNDERGROUND: The Senior Art Show. The show features a wide variety of styles and mediums ranging from sculptural installations and drawn works, to photography and painting.

This is the first senior art exhibit in several years exhibited at TWU. Assistant Event Coordinator Christina Welsh feels that this is a significant move that will contribute much to the neighboring artistic community. She says, "In the past this event was held at a Vancouver venue. Having the TWU Senior art exhibition on campus will provide a space for dialogue between TWU artists, other members of the TWU community, and local artists."

The exhibition, featuring a year's worth of work, is being installed in an unconventional gallery space - an underground parkade at the University's Langley campus. Visscher, who is also UNDERGROUND's Event Coordinator says, "In terms of the particular choice of an underground parking lot, we wanted something other than a typical gallery space to challenge where art is viewed and/or found. We also wanted to challenge ourselves to create work for display in a larger space. This also allowed for more installation works which expands the potential for expression. Moreover, it is an interesting space which several artists are working with both conceptually and visually."

Visscher's own work explores the relationships between individuals and the materials they encounter. Working from objects given to her as gifts, she addresses both the broader community as well as her own more closely connected relationships. She says, "Initially I was interested in what separates us from what is around. Eventually, I was just startled again by seemingly mundane objects in my everyday life. By using objects given to me I wanted to magnify both the ordinary and the lives that stood behind that. In the end it came to reference a sort of medieval reliquary - but almost a subversion of them in the sense that it is only the individual choices - the choice to give and, in mine, the choice to draw them - that made them important."

Visscher and Welsh are two of ten artists spotlighted at the show, which will offer diverse mediums and subject matter. Assistant Professor and Chair of the Art Department, Doris Auxier says, "This year's show draws from TWU's rich liberal arts context. Concerns from other disciplines such as psychology, culture and religion, and sociology evoked the visual responses seen in several of the pieces. This show is impressive to me because of the depth of caring and integrity found in the students. They are compassionate and care deeply about other people and the environment; they seek to use their visual voices to speak to issues of concern or to respond honestly in a visual way to a slice of life that intrigues them."

This diversity can been seen in forth year art majors like Andrea Wilburn and Chelaine Neufeldt, who are both creating a series of acrylic paintings that address the human figure. Wilburn is dealing with the human body in motion and the relationship of movement to still photography. Neufeldt is creating a series of bold gestural paintings that challenge the ability of the human form to be contained within the rectangle of the picture plane.

Large installation works will also make up a significant component of the show. Patricia Rapske, a double major in both art and psychology, is working with the stages of life through empty forms of the human figure while Christina Welsh plays against the context of the underground parking lot, creating a sculptural line drawing with wire and light.

For more information on UNDERGROUND: The Senior Art Show contact alma.visscher@gmail.com

Visit www.twu.ca for more information on the Art Department at Trinity Western University or contact Doris Auxier at DorisA@twu.ca


Event: UNDERGROUND: the Senior Art Show
Date: Friday April 11th and Saturday April 12th
Time: Friday 6:00-11:30pm. Opening reception begins at 8:00pm, Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm
Location: Reimer Student Center, Underground Parking Lot, 7600 Glover Road Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Cost: Free to attend.

Contact: alma.visscher@gmail.com

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Last Updated: 2008-03-27
Author: Erin Mussolum