It’s an “honour” after three days, three papers and 13 hours!

TWU business grad (06) Quinton Pullen is one of nine BC students who made the 2008 Canadian Chartered Accountant Uniform Evaluation (UFE) Honour Roll.Photo credit: Kent Kallberg of Kent Kallberg Studios.

Langley, BC-For TWU business alum and Kelowna native Quinton Pullen, it was the most important 13 hours of his young career. After studying 40 hours a week for almost three months the 24-year-old wrote the Canadian Chartered Accountant Uniform Evaluation exam, or UFE for short, in September. Recently, the results of the examination were announced and Pullen received one of the highest marks among BC students earning him a place on BC's 2008 Honour Roll.

The CA or Chartered Accountants describes the exam as "one of the most challenging professional examinations in the world." The three-day exam consists of writing three separate papers that put the student through a series of mental gymnastics based on comprehensive business simulations. Here the exam tests student's competencies on topics such as Governance, Strategy and Risk Management, Performance Measurement and Reporting, Assurance, Finance, Taxation, and Management Decision Making.

Over 2,701 students passed the grueling exam with only nine BC students receiving Honour Roll recognition. Pullen says, "I would like to thank the Lord for giving me the ability to make it this far," he says. "This has truly been a blessing from above."

Pullen graduated in 2006 with honours from TWU and then went on to the audit department at the Vancouver branch of the mega accounting firm Deloitte & Touche. In order to go on to receive a Chartered Accountant designation and begin a career as a professional accountant all students must complete the UFE.

Looking back on his journey toward the successful completion of the exam, Pullen has some advice for other students on how to handle the stress. Pullen says, "I had to learn when and how to turn off my brain," he says. "Only study as long as you can handle it during the day, then stop and put it out of your mind until the next day...and be confident. Don't worry if you're not doing as well as you'd like-no one in this process is ever doing as well as they'd like!"

On the horizon Pullen has his sights set on transitioning into corporate leadership. Pullen says, "My goal is to have a career where I can apply my passion, values, and skills to leading a team, while still maintaining my relationships outside of work."
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Some of the content for this piece appeared on the ICABC website at That content will be featured in the January 2009 issue of Beyond Numbers magazine, published by the Chartered Accountants of BC.

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Last Updated: 2009-02-04
Author: Erin Mussolum