David Bentall speaks as business mentors and students align at TWU

David Bentall gave the keynote address at the closing luncheon and spoke about the importance of friendship in business. (photo by Mike Rathjen)

Over 40 students and mentors attended the TWU Mentorship Program's closing luncheon last week to celebrate the completion of a semester and to hear David Bentall speak about "Friendship and its Relationship to Business."

The Mentorship Program teams senior Christian business people up with students who are about to graduate from the business program. Mentors typically meet once a month to approximately four times a semester to discuss the transition from university into the work force. Students gain valuable first hand knowledge of the challenges and the surprises of making a smooth transition to a successful career after graduation.

TWU alum Richard Scott (91) who works in lease financing says, "It's a neat situation to have a senior student to mentor and to have TWU help with the transition after the degree. In the market place when you are new, you don't always know how to act. This opportunity gives mentors BentallMentorLuncheon-3the opportunity to pass on hints and I think it really challenges students to look at themselves."

Scott has been mentoring Kris Alexander who completed his degree in December and has found work with Long Life Property Improvements Ltd.

Says Alexander, "The mentorship program is something that I find very important. This one meeting a month, will forever change my life, in business, personal, spiritual and more importantly in finding the balance between these. I enjoyed meeting once a month with Rich, the wealth of knowledge and experience is priceless to an aspiring businessman. Utilizing his strengths in so many areas, I gained a better understanding of the most important things in life, goal setting, life planning, balance, success, and personal well-being."

BentallMentorLuncheon-1When asked if Scott would do it again Scott says, "Absolutely and actually I'd like to have an even larger role."

Doug Lindsay, Director of Corporate Programs and Executive Education at TWU's School of Business says, "The Mentorship Program gives our students the opportunity to apply classroom learning with a seasoned Christian business professional in their area of specialization. The mentors provide a bridge between theory and practice, supplying real world examples of faith integration in the marketplace."

Among the highlights of the luncheon was hearing from David Bentall, who gave the keynote address. Bentall is a family business consultant, executive life coach, public speaker and author. He has also had two children graduate from Trinity Western. His book entitled The Company You Keep: The Transforming Power of Male Friendship discusses the power of BentallMentorLuncheon-4friendships and how they can be what you rely on when everything else fails. He mentions in the book that friends can help you know your weaknesses and can challenge you to be a better person.

"We were honoured to have David speak at our luncheon," said Lindsay. "Given David's business background and his passion for family and friendships, he was able to provide encouraging, relevant stories that tied in the themes we covered during the Mentorship Program this term."

More information on the Mentorship Program can be found by visiting www.twu.ca/business

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Last Updated: 2009-05-04
Author: Erin Mussolum