Dr. Dennis Danielson speaks at TWU

Dr. Dennis Danielson will share a lecture called “Heirs of Copernicus: Expanding our cosmic imagination" at TWU October 26th.

Trinity Western University is hosting Professor Dennis Danielson, Head of English at the University of British Columbia, to speak on one of his other intellectual pursuits: the cultural meaning of science. TWU Associate Professor of Physics, Arnold Sikkema invited Danielson to speak in conjunction with the university’s first ever astronomy course, taught by Sikkema, as well as in recognition of the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Danielson’s research into the history of astronomy is varied. He is the author of numerous books and articles including, The Book of the Cosmos: Imagining the Universe from Heraclitus to Hawking which was named Amazon.com’s “Editor’s Choice” top ten in 2000. His work explores the insights of both science and the humanities, especially as these are enhanced and engaged by the enduring legacy of Copernicus’s attempt to re-imagine the universe.

Explaining the reasons for encouraging the study of astronomy, Danielson says, “the achievements of 21st century astronomy and cosmology, appreciated in the light of earlier developments in our conception of the universe, can in fact inspire not only greater awe of the cosmos but also deeper respect and reverence for the planet that is our home.”

 For more information contact Arnold Sikkema at Arnold.Sikkema@twu.ca.

Event at a Glance

What: Lecture by Dennis Danielson "Heirs of Copernicus: Expanding our cosmic imagination"

Where: Block Hall (Neufeld Science Centre, room 148), Trinity Western University

When: Monday, October 26th, 2009

Time: 1:10-2:25 pm

Contact: Arnold Sikkema at Arnold.Sikkema@twu.ca

 Cost: Free to attend

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Last Updated: 2009-10-21
Author: Elisabeth Fallon