Truth can be problematic.

Mackenzie West appears alongside John Voth, Jordan Schuurman and Erin Mahoney in the Theatre at TWU production of Proof. The production runs February 11-14th.

Langley, BC - How do you write the equation for trust? Math and other relational quandaries are evaluated in Theatre at TWU's upcoming production of Proof, by David Auburn, running February 11-14th. This acclaimed and well-loved Pulitzer Prize winning drama navigates the emotionally explosive terrain of trust, love and mathematical certainty.

"Proof won the 2001 Tony Award for best play as well as the Pulitzer Prize for drama," says Theatre at TWU professor and director Lloyd Arnett. "It's extremely well-written; there's absolutely nothing superfluous. Each role is dynamic and the play is full of strong psychological realism. Often the Pulitzer goes to plays about families, and this one is a great example."

The story centers on Catherine, the daughter of a brilliant but mentally unstable mathematician. After his death, a paradigm-shifting proof is found among his papers. Catherine claims the discovery as her own. Has she inherited her father's genius, or his insanity?

"The complexities of life the characters wrestle with are things everyone understands," says Arnett. "Sibling rivalry, romantic entanglements, children taking care of parents... the list goes on. Proof resounds with universal themes and questions. What are we to do with our talents? What is the truth behind seemingly ordinary circumstances? Who can I trust? It's a mystery play, and we're all looking for the truth. But in the end, what's more important: the facts that can be quantified, or the incalculable value of love, trust and relationship?"

"It's a bit like falling down the rabbit hole," says TWU theatre student and Langley resident Erin Mahoney. Audiences may remember Mahoney from recent TWU shows like Mythification, Pride and Prejudice and Holy Mo. "The intricate math is a familiar but mysterious world. Where you end up has nothing to do with the science of it all, but inside the heart of a woman trying to make sense of her life. It's a world you can't help but yearn to be a part of."

Also featured in the production are Jordan Schuurman, Mackenzie West, and John Voth. Lighting design by Lora-Lynne Frewing, costume design by Tracy Wright, and stage management by Nicola Prigge, Jared Bargen and Danielle Spampinato.

A dynamic evening of compelling drama, Proof plays for five performances only and engages the mind and heart with intrigue, romance, laughter and science. It leaves us questioning: How can we know the truth when there is no proof?

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Last Updated: 2009-02-04
Author: erin mussolum