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Calvin B. Hanson was a pastor and former missionary to Japan who had returned home due to a family emergency, and was working towards completing his PhD. He later wrote:

One day Arnold T. Olson, President of the EFCA, telephoned me to ask me to confer with him at headquarters. I had not the faintest idea what he wanted…
I had barely seated myself in his office when he began to fill me in on the plans for founding a college in British Columbia… I could have fallen off my chair when he said that I was being approached for the position of president!… The overwhelming reaction which swept over me was, “Why me, Lord?”…
Eventually I would conclude that under the circumstances had they approached a man with the right kind of experience and credentials he would have known better than to accept. Only a missionary would be crazy enough to try!…

That June [1961], the Conference at Green Lake, Wisconsin would elect four men to administrative posts at the Canada College-to-be:

  • President: Calvin B. Hanson
  • Dean and Registrar: Enoch Mattson
  • Dean of Students: Leland Asa
  • Vice President for Business Administration: Perry Havens

Calvin B. Hanson. On the Raw Edge of Faith, pp 19-20

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    Calvin B. Hanson

    Founding President Calvin Hanson in his office, ca. 1963.

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    A Favourite Pastime

    President Hanson (on right) playing a game of chess with Professor of Mathematics, John Woodland, 197-.

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    The Hanson Family

    Calvin and Muriel Hanson with their three children, Brenda, Kent, and Pamela, just prior to leaving for TJC in 1962.

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    The College watchword

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    [TWU Archives: Oral History Collection Aud 224; view transcript of this 2003 interview with Marge and Benno Friesen.]

See also: Calvin B. Hanson. On the Raw Edge of Faith, p 102

BF: And so there was a demand for excellence and I think we wanted that. Secondly we wanted character. And Cal [Hanson] had transported a couple of sayings from Wheaton College here. “If Christ is Lord nothing is secular.” There’s one of them.

MF: And that was important for this community to hear.

BF: Yes. And secondly, “Never doubt in the dark what God has told you in the light.” We still say it. And those were things that were very important. And I think the students went away with that. They talk about it yet.

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