Professing God’s love for creation

The term professor is seldom used in its older sense of one who openly professes his religious commitment or belief. Yet to be engaged in a higher calling of higher learning, I think we would do well to remember the root meaning from the Latin verb proferteri - to acknowledge, or to declare publically.

And so it was maybe 12 years ago that I went to hear Peter Harris profess in a very informal talk in the Fraser Hall lounge at Trinity Western University. Peter is not a university professor, but founder of A Rocha - an international organization that declares God's love for all creation publically.

That night after the talk I found myself at a Trinity Western student's home, discussing the formation of A Rocha Canada. Although it was a bold thing to be suddenly forming a national organization, it was a no-brainer for me. This organization represented the belief I was called to profess.

And so 12 years later, I found myself on Galiano Island these last few days with a group of dedicated A Rocha staff and fellow board members who profess God's love for creation with unwavering enthusiasm.

As I introduced myself as a founding board member to a prospective new board member, someone commented on the immense number of A Rocha Canada board meetings I must have attended. I admitted that I had hardly missed any, and I flinched a bit at the thought of the immense number of hours that represented.


Galiano Island retreat.  A Rocha Canada board members Larry Danielson and Ted Goshulak

(TWU librarian) converse while A Rocha Canada science advisor, Glen Carlson looks on.


But to see this group of Christians rooted in God's command to profess the good news to all creatures...every minute has been worth it. And of course, the setting on Galiano Island, overlooking the ocean and sipping coffee and discussing A Rocha's future with some of my dearest friends, heroes and heroines in the faith - it doesn't get much better than that!

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