Balancing Work and Parenthood   Jordan060819 035


 A few years ago, I read a CBC report entitled "Work, Motherhood a healthy mix."  The report summarized findings from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.   I have a printed copy of the CBC report posted on my bulletin board above my office desk.  In the moments that I feel guilty (I do!) that I'm not at home with my children, I feel inspired that perhaps my work is actually contributing to stronger health and increased sense of self, and that in turn, may indeed make my physical and emotional contributions to the home more worthwhile.  That being said, it is also incredibly rewarding to be in the academic world: to be a part of inspiring other people's children (grown up, of course) to find their way into the market places of life.  The other reward is that I have the ability to keep learning and doing research.  When my older daughter asks questions, such as why as the sky blue, she (perhaps unfortunately) gets an answer involving Raleigh scattering in the atmosphere.  We also took her to the field a couple of years ago.  We camped and let her learn a bit about tree coring. 

While my work here at TWU is currently part-time in order to gain some semblance of sustainability while still making ends meet, I know that my life as a mother is always full-time. 

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