Fall Course Preparation - Global Environmental Issues

I've been setting up field trips for my fall courses. I have two courses, both environmental in content. One is a first year course on Global Environmental Issues. In this course, we will examine from where our resources come, and where our waste goes. I enjoy partioning the course into these two halves; in fact, it was a speaker from A Rocha Canada who gave me this idea. He had once mentioned that, to understand environmental issues, we need to understand where our food comes from, and where our waste goes. Everything that we use has an origin in space and time. Some of these resources (water, forests) are renewable in the short run, if we take care of them, others (e.g., oil) are not, and "once it's gone, it's gone." Everything that we discard also ends up somewhere in space and time. In Global Environmental Issues, we will also take some trips to see where our waste goes.

Last updated Aug. 12th, 2008 at 11:37am by Geraldine Jordan