New ENVS BA Minor

This year, Geography and the Environmental Studies program worked on launching a new ENVS BA minor.  Posters (such as those at right) were seen all over campus. 

Students can now take 8 courses which will provide them with a robust and coherent background from the humanities perspective of environmental issues.  Two of the required courses are science courses which also fulfill science requirements for the university core.  Required courses include:

GEOG 111 Human Geography and Global Change
GEOG 121 Earth and Atmospheric Science (Fulfills university core for science course)
GEOG/ENVS 131 Global Environmental Issues (Fulfills universiry core for non-lab science course)
GEOG 282 Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 341 Resource and Environmental Management
GEOG/ENVS 442 Environmental Thought

... and students can choose any two of the following:
HIST 409  Nature Society and History in Global Perspectives, GEOG 441 Resource Management Issues in BC, GEOG 382 Applied GIS, BIOL 482  Applied Ecology

This minor is a great asset to any major and will provide students with global environmental awareness, and an appreciation for local to regional solutions.   Skills gained include the very valuable skill of Geographic Information Systems, a highly sought after technical skill, and a boon for any Geography or Environmental Studies co-op application.  For more information, please contact Prof. Karen Steensma or myself.  


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