Exciting, Exotic & Eccentric Food in Vancouver

I started this summer blog on June 3rd, 2008. I entitled it "Exciting, Exotic & Eccentric Food in Vancouver," because food is my great passion and obsession. It's my friend/comforter and sometimes enemy, when I fail to resist overwhelming appetite. The Greater Vancouver is the center of great culinary experience of Canada, because it's the center of multiculturalism. Whenever I encounter an exciting, exotic or unusual delicacy during the summer and fall 2008 and the spring 2009, I will share this excitement with you people.

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12/28 - November to the End of the Year 2009
10/26 - August to September & October
8/10 Trip to Japan in July 2009
6/1 - From End of Sp Semester to Grad 09

4/17 - Eating Easter Curry
4/9 - Another End Time
3/6 - After Valentine's Day to the end of February
1/8 - Holiday Season 08-09/Year of the Ox
11/18-Obama City, Japan
10/21-Season of Matsutake
8/27 - Productive Week in my Motherland
8/14 - Best Things to do in hot days
8/3 - Powell Street Festival
8/2 - Eating China in Lulu Island
7/26 - Food & Culture
7/6 - Ramen Broth Vancouver

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Mighty Iron Chef
Japanese Online Food Store

*The first link under my profile link is a cooking videos made by Iron Chef Kenichi Chin, one of my most favorit celebrities. You may not know what he says, but certainly understand what he is making.

 The second link belongs to one of very interesting online food stores and if you click it, you will get to the site in which you are able to order several exotic Korean cuisines. However, the items are available only in Japan. (Please do it only if you are geographically or physically there sometime this summer)

Some of traditional Japanese food

photo: Isao Ebihara

Dr. Isao Ebihara

Isao has been teaching Introductory Japanese 101 & 102, Intermediate Japanese Directed Studies (201, 202 & 301) since the fall of 2002. His interests include Japanese language, Asian animation and pop culture, culture and spirituality, culinary adventure, trains and photography. Isao’s plans in near future include publishing several books and developing audio-visual tools to enhance Japanese language learning.

His blog was about his great culinary adventures in Vancouver (possibly other part of the globe if he travels) during the summer of 2008. Now, he continues his blog in the Fall Semester 2008 ans Spring Semester 2009 as well. Vancouver has a large variety of Asian food that many westerners have never heard of, because it’s a center of multiculturalism where East meets West. You can send Isao an e-mail by clicking here.


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