6/5: Willingdon Dinner

The first significant culinary experience I post on this blog is exciting, but neither exotic nor eccentric,because it’s very ordinary Western Church dinner on Thursday, June 6th. (I hope I didn’t disappoint you J). Willingdon Church in Burnaby had a celebration dinner to raise funds for a building project. The meal included roast beef, grilled chicken, spinachsalad, fried noodles and a Chinese vegetable called Gai Lan.  They all had excellent taste, made me euphoric! The meal was free or no charge. But I donated 20$ to support Church’s funds for building projects. I had one problem. I realized that I had neither a checkbook nor enough amounts of cash in my wallet. Fortunately, a friend of mine loaned me cash this time, so that I could put money in an envelope. Because I am too accustomed with credit card based life style, I usually carry only minimum amount of cash and no checkbook.

After the meal, there was a worship service in the sanctuary. There was nice countrish music and greetings by the pastoral staff who planned that event. One of pastors said that food is a spiritual matter and therefore serving food in a church is a very important ministry. I completely agreed with him! I believe that if you eat good food, it will certainly uplift you spiritually and brings you into a "peak experience" according to the definition of Abraham Maslow. Amen,

Pictures of dinner at Willingdon (& one extra)  


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