6/7: Hi Genki (Fine & Reasonable Japanese Cuisine)

For some people, fine cuisine and reasonable price are oxymoron or something impossible. However, it's not in case of  Hi Genki Restaurant in Burnaby BC. That is why Hi Genki is one of my most favorite Japanese restaurants in the lower mainland and I end up going there in almost every weekend. You can enjoy generous portion of top quality food at extremely reasonable prices. Once you go and dine there, you will be hooked. Lunch hour is 11:30-3:00 pm, and supper is 6:00-8:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Today, I had a Nabeyaki Udon (noodle soup in a small hot pot) in lunch hours. I also ordered a Agedashi Mushrooms (Deep fried mushrooms with special sauce). I made mistake of ordering an extra steamed rice because I forgot that Nabeyaki Udon comes with a small rice, and didn't realize it until the meal came. I decided to give up my "diet" and eat extra rice rather than wasting food. Nabeyaki Udon here is fabulous and strictly "Kansai" style which means that the soup is extremely clear or almost transparent. In order to make Kansai style udon soup, you need to get "light colored" or Osaka style soy sauce. (Please look at the picture underneath). It is significantly more expensive than regular Japanese soy sauce and available only in T&T, H Mart and a few other specialty stores. Nabeyaki Udon here includes a prawn tempura, kamaboko, boiled egg, spinach, chickens and small pieces of Yuzu (a citrus with fine flavour) skins and cost only 8.95$. Besides that, a quite substantial amount of Agedashi Mushrooms was only 3.5$ and extra rice was 1$. So that I paid only 15.45$ including gratuity.


One obvious reason that Hi Genki is so reasonable is that it's part of a senior's home or the restaurant is technically a cafeteria of Nikkei Senior's home. Because of this, supper time does not start till 6:30, and they have to serve the meal to their residents first. The owner of Hi Genki has a parent living in Nikkei Home, wanted to make sure that he or she is eating fine authentic, nutritious Japanese food. Nikkei Home was originally created as a senior's home for Japanese Canadians. Today, it's open to all BC residents. Parhaps, if you are going to retire and wish to eat a fine Japanese food, Nikkei Home is not a bad place to spend your Golden Years.

The address of the restaurant is 6680 Southoaks Crescent Burnaby, BC. Canada


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