8/3 - Powell Street Festival

I went to 32nd Annual Powell Street Festival (Japanese Canadian Festival) on Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday and August 3rd, 2008. The Festival was held in Oppenheimer Park, 400 Powell Street, Vancouver BC, as it took place in the previous year.


The home page of Powell Street Festival Society's (PSFS) said their mission is to celebrate the arts and culture of Japanese Canadians and Asian Canadians, to encourage Asian Canadians to take a leadership role in the development of the arts in Canada, and to foster community development through cultural events. The main activity of the Festival is the presentation of the Powell Street Festival (PSF), an annual celebration of Japanese Canadian arts, culture and heritage, selling culturally significant products including Japanese food. 

I went to the festival both on Saturday and Sunday, watched Taiko Drum and Mikoshi (mini shrine for Shinto ceremonies) demonstration. Several guys carried a Mikoshi and some others beat a drum like a Shinto Fall Festival. I also watched various Martial Arts performances including Sumo Tournament and looked around several booths.

I bought excellent food on both Saturday and Sunday because it was my main reason to be there. On Saturday, I bought curry beef on rice and green salad from one booth and chikara Udon (noodles with mochi or sticky rice cake) and three pieces of mochi (Japanese sticky rice cake) from the other booth. The total price was only $10. On Sunday, I bought okonomiyaki and yakitori from one booth, and inari from the other booth. Okonomiyaki is a pancake with either meat or seafood and yakitori is a chicken kebab with teriyaki sauce. I paid $9.5 for these items. Inari is a sushi with fried tofu skin and I paid $4.5 for 6 of them.

Overall, the festival activities were extremely successful with a great turn out, drawing a huge population to a little park. The festival demonstrated the Japanese heritage in Vancouver area and served fabulous food to nearly everyone there.

(Picture underneath: Left Right, top: Chikara Udon, Mochi, Beef Curry with salad, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori & newly met canine friend in the park)

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