After Valentine’s Day to the end of February

On Valentine's Day, I had dinner with several friends at La Mesia restaurant in Langley. The restaurant serves an exceptionally fine cuisine in Langley. I ordered a dish entitled Tournedo Special. It was Veal steak with cream sauce. The sauce was excellent and contains some vegetable fiber in it. The meal also came with carrots and cabbage and bowl of Lobster soup. The taste was an excellent, but the quantity was Tokyo size or a little too small for my stomach. After eating the meal, we had a valentine dance, which caused sore hip for several days.

Beautiful food in La Mesia restaurant

During the reading break (from Feb 25-27), I visited a publishing company in Dayton (near Chattanooga) TN to discuss about the publication my book. During the travel, I experienced a great "Southern hospitality" and a taste of "Southern cuisine". Unlike Canada, in a small town in Tennessee, Asian restaurants are almost non-existent. Instead, the Southern cuisine makes the territory called "Deep South" makes unique and distinct. Dr. Hollis Green the chief editor of the publishing company Global Ed Advance took me to a local restaurant and recommended to eat country style steak. It's basically a Salisbury steak or Hamburger steak. It's also similar as Japanese Hamburger steak called Hamburg (hanbāgu). However, unlike Japanese counterpart, it doesn't contain onions or any vegetables in it. It is a plain Hamburger steak coming with a generous portion of gravy. Anyway, the quantity of the entire meal was extremely generous. The Tennessee restaurant was an opposite extreme as La Mesia restaurant that I went on the Valentine's Day in terms of the quantity. Dr. Green's family also treated me with typical Southern home cooking which include salad, corn beef, biscuits and baked potatoes. The deadline of my final draft is the end of May, so that I have to work hard accordingly.

People in Tennessee (Dr. Green and others) and typical Southern food I ate there

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