Another End Time 

The Book of the Revelation in the Bible describes what will happen in the end times, involving the last days, judgment day, and the return of Jesus Christ. Bible says that it is going to happen sooner or later, but doesn't say when it is going to happen.

Anyway, the end time I am going to mention is not the Apocalyptic End Time or end time bible prophecy, but the end time of a semester. I had the last class yesterday, and all remaining things are the final exam and grading it and all other remaining assignments. One common thing between the Apocalyptic End Time and the end of the semester is that they both arrive suddenly like a thief.


On April 9th, the very last day of the spring semester, I ate supper twice. I had the end of semester party with the students in my class. One of them went to a restaurant in Walnut Grove and bought very delicious sushi, tempura and some spicy Korean dish that I didn't know the name. After that, I went to the farewell party of beloved Professor Hoelzley. It took place in the Alumni Hall in the second floor of the Student Center. We had delicious chicken dinner with mushroom sauce. I was tempted to have the third supper which means free BBQ that students association provides at the end of the semester. However, I managed not to yield to it.

I regret I do not have enticing delicious looking pictures of food for this entry. In the last day, I was so busy for making the last handout in my class and doing many other things, I forgot to take pictures of food before eating. So, all pictures here are not related with the two dinners I had in the last day of the spring semester. Anyway, I was running around like poultry without head all day. Because of that, I realized that I have lost one of Mac Book power adaptors this morning. It is an expensive item and hope I can find it.

Everything is passing so quickly & it's the end of the semester again!

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