August to September & October

I had very busy August and September this year. I was teaching a summer course in August, then started the Fall semester right after that. The first two weeks of the semester were very hectic. Then, I was gradually settling down. And now, it’s October, and getting close to November. Time is flying like an arrow, and I regret that I am making so little accomplishment in my life.

I ate Sukiyaki Udon Don in Hi Genki Restaurant on September 19th. This meal has three layers. The top layer is sukiyaki stewed beef and vegetables. The second layer is udon or noodle. And, the bottom layer is rice. It is interesting that both rice and noodle are served in the same dish. I loved it because I always want to eat both noodle and rice, but usually forced to make a decision to have one of them.

On September 26th, a week after, I ate Salmon Curry in the same restaurant. It’s a combination of generous portion of salmon, green salad and tasty curry on rice. Besides that, I ordered Agedashi Nasu and Mini Udon. Agedashi nasu is fried diced eggplant with agedashi sauce (soy sauce with bonito extract) and ground daikon radish.


On October 9th, I attended International Thanksgiving Extravagenza in TWU campus and volunteered to make Suppon Soup. My suppon (soft-shell turtle) was staying in my freezer for several months. I bought it as an ingredient to serve as a special dinner, but I didn’t have a chance to serve it. Finally, some students talked about International Thanksgiving Extravagenza on campus which took place right before the Thanksgiving weekend. She also said that some older folks like me are included in the party. It took about a day to think about it. I had so many things to do and didn’t have enough energy left.  

On October 12th, I had Thanksgiving Dinner at my friend’s place in Cloverdale. It was a potluck dinner. I suggested that I could make Suppon Soup there, but they politely declined. Probably, it was because not so many people who went there were adventurous enough to eat it. Instead, I brought in fruits and desert from T&T. I had plenty of turkey and it made me really sleepy.

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