Holiday Season 08 – 09 /Year of the Ox

Regarding the holiday season, I did several things. I attended the Single Point Christmas banquet on Friday, December 19th at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford. There were good food, nice music and excellent fellowship. We ate traditional Canadian Christmas dinner including ham and turkey dinner, salad and cooked vegetables. As I travelled to Abbotsford, I had an extremely bold venture in my life. I drove to Abbotsford alone and drove back to Langley where I live. Fortunately, it was snowing then. However, it snowed in the past few days, so that the road was icy in several places, and I was scared to death from time to time.


In Christmas day, I visited a friend of mine who lives in Burnaby. I usually spend Christmas with a friend of mine who lives in Langley and his family. However, he had to visit his mother in Saskatchewan during the Christmas break because she was sick. I almost prepared myself to spend the Christmas day in my own. However, shortly before the Christmas day, someone else invited me over for Christmas. It was a great time for a friendship, getting close to God and reflecting what I have been doing in the previous year.


In the New Year's Eve, I went to VanDusen Gardens for the celebration. I stayed in Vancouver after the New Year's Eve. I celebrated New Year's Day alone as Klingons do. I enjoyed Szechuan pork noodles in Hon's Chinese restaurant in Robson Street. I prayed to God to have productive and fulfilling life for the whole year.

After eating the New Year's brunch alone, I went down to English Bay and watched ambitious people participating in Vancouver's 89th annual Polar Bear Swim. This year was colder than the last year. (It was even too cold to stand in the beach). But surprisingly, so many people were rushing into the sea in a freezing cold weather. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone. We are in the Year of the Ox.



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