November to the End of the Year

On November 7th, I went the birthday party of my friend Beth. Two kinds of spicy chicken dish, bread with salmon and cheese, fruits and birthday cakes were served. I bought a birthday sponge cake from T&T and brought it to her apartment. The cake was so fragile that it made me very nervous as I took it to the public transit. But, I made it to her place without any damage to the cake. It was her 23rd (mentally?) birthday.

On December 12th, I gave my Japanese 101 students the final exam. After that, I took few students to Maru Restaurant in Langley. Maru is a Korean owned Japanese restaurant with a good reputation for the Excellency of food. Some say that it is the best Japanese restaurant in Langley. The sales point of Maru is fresh ingredients and excellent services with cheerful and friendly staffs. Several Trinity Western students always work there as waitresses throughout the year.

On the Christmas Day, I enjoyed a home made pizza in my friend’s place in Burnaby. I also made sea food and mushroom pasta and brought in to her place. I used three kinds of mushrooms. First, I used Korean giant oyster mushrooms. Then, I had shitake mushrooms. Finally, the third kind I had was dried pine mushrooms. (Fresh one is available only in the fall season, so that I had to use the dried one). The seafood I used was prawns and sea urchins.

Only thing I really regret during this Christmas season is that I couldn’t give my first book as a Christmas gift to my friends. It’s almost in the market, but I still have to wait for few weeks. But, it will definitely be a good Christmas gift for the year 2010. It will be available from the online shop of in the early 2010. (The title of my book is "ALL THE WORLD IS ANIME". It is about spiritual background and philosophical assumptions of Japanese anime and manga, and the price is $19.95 US). I will inform you more details in January.


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