Go for a walk

I've had blogging on my "to do" list for many weeks. As the semester got rolling, with new courses to prepare for and an abundance of assignments to grade, unfortunately, this blog went down the priority list. I'd like to post an update at least once before Christmas arrives.

Today in my writing class, I was teaching Psalm 23, leading my students in learning how to analyze biblical passages, how to shape their analysis into an essay. It struck me that this Psalm is fitting for the long list of uncertainties in our world these days.

My students noticed that the words of David show how God is omnipresent, and this is true in our individual walk through the paths and pastures of life, but also through the shadows all over the globe. These days, it seems the shadows are pretty dark: environmental destruction; economic recession; disasters natural and man-made. In a small rural area in Haiti, children are crushed in their collapsed school building. They die, but there is no money to bury them. They are broken and bloody, but there is no money to pay for their medical care. Parents grieve. In India, terrorists blow people up, giving no thought to the value of life, only of death. And yet, God walks through these valleys. And "goodness and mercy will follow" when we are with Him, and He with us.

The Bible is a story of God's walks. Maybe we need to stop our worrying and take a walk with Him. I'd like to hold His hand.

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