Robynne Healey

I'm a historian and currently chair of the Department of Geography, History, Political and International Studies.I am also one of four co-directors of Trinity's new Gender Studies Institute.

I teach and research in Atlantic History - swashbuckling pirates; sugar, coffee, tea, and chocolate; the transatlantic slave trade; fascinating religious groups like Quakers (no, they don't all look like the guy on the oatmeal box) - War and Peace (frankly I'm a fan of the latter, rather than the former), and gender (that includes stuff like how our societies have defined masculinity and femininity - like why is a guy in a dress "odd" to us, but a guy wearing a kilt is "perfectly normal"?).

In the summer of 2008 I blogged about travelling to do research and attend conferences. Now that we're back into the regularly-scheduled academic year, I'll be blogging about events, ideas, and the students that make TWU such a vital university.

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