School of the Arts, Media + Culture SAMC Art + Design

Art is powerful. No matter what time period, all societies make meaning–make sense of things–through art. In a world increasingly defined through visual means, honing, exploring and discovering the potency of this visual language is a critical and exhilarating endeavour. Art ignites understanding, critiques and constructs culture. Art wakes us up, unsettles us, heals us and teaches us. We need art. And, there has never been a better time to study it.

The visual was our first language and it continues to inform society at all levels. Visuals shape identity, add value and fuel the economy. Art is made within a web of historical, critical and theoretical contexts and requires all of us – mind, body and soul. The SAMC Art + Design program is grounded within a robust liberal arts core; it lays solid visual foundations, balances theory with praxis in studio courses, explores how art and history are intertwined and discovers how design can change the world. Within a community receptive to exploring intersections between faith and art, we educate the heart and the mind.

The Art + Design Department offers a BA Honours, a BA major, concentration and minor with streams in Design, History and Studio. Each year has a particular curricular emphasis:

Year One – Visual Foundations
Year Two – Material/Semiotic Practices
Year Three – Cultural Theory
Year Four – Capstone Exhibition/Project