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SAMC Art + Design graduates have been admitted to coveted MFA placements in Canada, the US, and the UK, and their work can be seen around the world from the streets of Vancouver’s downtown east side to the galleries, design studios, and universities of Berlin, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Paris, LA, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto. Meet a few

Alysha Creighton (10)

MFA in Drawing/Intermedia (University of Alberta), SSHRC Award Recipient, 2010

"The instruction I received at TWU was truly excellent. There was a depth of engagement with the subject that created a strong foundation for my artistic practice today. I've drawn on my TWU education as I've organized and curated art shows, given lectures and workshops, taught classes in universities, prisons and hospitals, and worked on interdisciplinary collaborations. SAMC Art + Design was a safe place to take risks, struggle though the growing pains of learning new skills, and learn to engage critically and thoughtfully with visual culture. These are all things that I try to pass along to my students now as an instructor."

Russell Leng (09)

MFA in Contemporary Art Practice (Edinburgh College of Art)

Russell's work has been commissioned by Tiffany & Company, Aritzia New York, and Istanbul’s Raffles Hotel. His pieces have been collected and exhibited at galleries worldwide including Beers.Lambert (London), FFDG (San Francisco), Hungryman Gallery (San Francisco and Chicago), Fleming Collection (London), Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh), Parts Gallery (Toronto), and Trench Contemporary Art (Vancouver). Read Russell's feature story, Created to Create, in the Trinity Western Magazine.

Tara Spencer (’15)

MFA candidate (Royal College of Art, London UK)

Stephen Quissy (02)

Visual Arts Teacher, Surrey Christian School

“The arts have given me a voice and a career; I simply don't know where I’d be without them. I am in my 10th year at Surrey Christian and love my job immensely. Not only do I teach art, but lately I’ve been creating a lot of art as well. When I came to TWU I had no idea that I had any artistic ability – I took Art 181 because it was a degree requirement. My profs saw in me something I did not see in myself, and I am so grateful. What I discovered has brought joy, meaning, and purpose to my life."

Trish Rapske (08)

Administrative Coordinator & Student Registrar, Vancouver Art Therapy Institute

Alma Visscher (08)

Artist and Assistant to Director, Scott Gallery Edmonton
MFA in Drawing/Intermedia (University of Alberta)

James Moes (06)

Full-Time Photographer, Interactive Designer
2010 Poppy Award (Jury's Choice)
Published in Brides Magazine, August 2012

"The best wedding (and portrait) photography is truly collaborative. It's been an epic adventure, pushing my own creativity and limits with couples across the North American continent. The inner anthropologist in me loves weddings. I encounter weddings across cultural/ethnic/socio-economic spheres. I encounter fathers who bless their sons, and fathers who remain silent. I encounter mothers who dominate the wedding day, and mothers who celebrate the genius of their daughters' creative expression."

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