School of the Arts, Media + Culture SAMC Art + Design


Art Talks/ART 180

The Art Talks speaker series held during ART 180 brings professional artists, designers and thinkers to speak to students and faculty in an informal environment.  ART 180 is a seminar for students in all levels of the program that seeks to build a community of inquiry amongst local artists, faculty and students. This course facilitates departmental communication, addresses professional practices and supports the integration of faith and art in preparation for a life in the studio.


Presented by the ART 351 class, a series of multimedia installation pieces transform the classrooms and corridors of Trinity Western University’s RNT building. Students are encouraged to take risks, execute bold ideas and take ownership of the space. Visitors tour the entire building as they’ve never seen it before, and interact with the immersive artwork for one night only before it all disappears.

Graduating Art + Design Exhibitions

Hosted by the Langley Centennial Museum since 2009, the annual Senior Studio Exhibition is a capstone experience for the graduating visual artists of SAMC. The Art + Design Senior Studio class works closely with the museum on every aspect of the event, culminating in the spring with an opening reception and month-long exhibition for the community at large. Graduating Art + Design Honours students exhibit a larger, sustained body of work that can be mounted in established or alternative venues depending on what site best suits their work.