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Who We Are

Welcome to the SAMC Art + Design department! We are a community of professional artists, designers, scholars and students who practice inquiry-based visual scholarship. Faculty mentor students through the program, and help students to discover that art is a unique form of intelligence with which society makes sense of itself. We are all committed to the visual as an active practice – through which meanings arise – a potent way of knowing, and evidence of incarnational goodness.

Our program balances academic rigour and cultural relevance with spiritual vitality. It cultivates curiosity, invites innovation and demands excellence. This is a place to be passionate, explore ideas and make space. This is a place to become visually literate and liberally educated, to contribute to culture, rather than merely consume it.

In our program you will immerse yourself in making and in experiencing how art creates, critiques and constructs culture. You will scrutinize yourself and society and discover that art constitutes an experience. Through the active practice of making you will gain insight – come to understand a lot more about yourself and the world in which you live.

You will harness emotions, perceptions, intuitions and intellect, and make manifest through material, experiential and textual means.

Through cultivating liberally educated, visually literate, cultural contributors, we prepare you for a diverse, changing society that increasingly is defined through visual means. Studying Art + Design cultivates complex cognitive capacities that are vital for you and society to flourish.

This is a small program where you can thrive in a community and make a difference. In this place you can hone your intellect and senses, intuitions and emotions – your mind and heart. This is a place to think critically, grow your visual practice, ask questions, exhibit your work and pray. This is a place where you can work with artists, designers, art therapists, art historians and art administrators. In this place you can inspire and be inspired, call for change and be changed.

I welcome you to explore SAMC’s website and to join us in this inquiring, generative, supportive and challenging community of creatives that I am honoured to serve as Chair.

Dr. Erica Grimm
Chair, Department of Art + Design

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