School of the Arts, Media + Culture SAMC Communications

Student Opportunities

Travel Studies

Develop your leadership skills in intercultural contexts. Travel with 12-18 other students to Guatemala + Belize or Kenya in the summer for interdisciplinary studies in leadership, intercultural communication, and geography. Stay a few weeks longer—on your own—and serve in a communications practicum position. If you like adventure, you’ll be drawn to our travel studies.

Practica Program

Our practica program provides part-time work and experiential learning during the regular school year in a communications job that also earns you credit toward your degree. Students can work at local newspapers, public relations companies, OMNI Television, and a range of other corporate and non-profit workplaces.

Mars’ Hill, Pillar, and Reel

Mars’ Hill (student newspaper), Pillar (yearbook), and Reel (video yearbook) are student-led projects providing opportunities for journalism, photography, and film students to contribute to campus life.

Co-op Program

The co-op program offers full-time employment for pay during work semesters in a communications job. Three work semesters earns the student a co-op designation on the B.A. diploma. You can do a co-op locally or back home during the summer.

Los Angeles Film Studies Centre

In conjunction with the Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities, this program offers one semester of film seminar and production courses from industry professionals within a Christian liberal arts perspective.

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