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Musical Arts Scholarship

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Five scholarships are available for entering students (new and transfer) pursuing first-year studies in music:

  • two vocal scholarships
  • two instrumental scholarships
  • one piano scholarship

Each entrance scholarship is worth up to $3,000 and may be renewed for an additional 3 years (total of $12,000 over 4 years). Normally, Musical Arts Scholarships are awarded to Music majors on the basis of musical talent, and artistic and academic promise. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Department of Music. The number and value of the scholarships may be altered depending on the applicant pool.

Selection of applicants will begin March 1. Please complete an online application and submit all audition materials by February 28. The Financial Aid Office will notify successful applicants.

Eligibility and continuation criteria:
  • Be admitted to undergraduate studies at TWU
  • Submit the Musical Arts Scholarship Application to the Financial Aid Office (online)
  • Submit an unedited digital recording of two pieces of contrasting styles from standard repertoire: pieces submitted by vocalists and instrumentalists should be appropriately accompanied, unless they were composed as unaccompanied works
  • In all semesters of the award, participate in private lessons with principal instrument and a large ensemble (for singers, one of the choirs; for most instrumentalists, the concert band; for string players, the orchestra)
  • Beginning in the second year, participate in a small ensemble (vocal or instrumental, as deemed appropriate) for all remaining semesters of the award
  • Maintain a high level of performance as displayed in private lessons, applied music juries, and ensembles
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout the degree program
  • Musical Arts Scholarships are typically awarded to Music majors

Dr. Allan Thorpe
Tel: 604.888.7511, ext. 3134


Academic Scholarships

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First-Time University Students

President's Scholarship (90.0% +): $6,000 per year
Provost's Scholarship (85.0% to 89.9%): $4,000 per year
Dean's Scholarship (73.0% to 84.9%): $2,000 per year

New Transfer Students

President's Scholarship (3.80 - 4.30): $4,000 per year
Provost's Scholarship (3.30 - 3.79): $3,000 per year
Dean's Scholarship (2.50 - 3.29): $2,000 per year

Additional scholarships available to Music students:

  • Anna Hildebrandt Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts ($1900)
  • Brent Harback Memorial Scholarship ($600)
  • C.E. Family Memorial Scholarship ($1750)
  • Choral Scholar Discipleship Award ($500)
  • Eva Chau Memorial Music Scholarship ($500)
  • Jenkins Family Scholarship ($1350)
  • Kaulius Scholarship in Music ($1500)
  • Marge Friesen Music Scholarship ($1500)
  • Matthew Block Pudlas Scholarship ($1500)
  • Matthew K. Pudlas Memorial Scholarship ($600)
  • Music Faculty Scholarship Award ($500)

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