School of the Arts, Media + Culture SAMC

Travel Studies

Travel studies give you the chance to experience learning in a non-traditional context and help you develop a global perspective.

Each program includes opportunities for you to visit historical and cultural places of interest and to dialogue with resident professionals and academics in your field. They are life-changing experiences!

Experience the arts and their rich history in two global epicentres.

To visit London and Paris is to step into two of the most culturally, artistically, and historically rich and diverse cities in the world. In this travel study, students encounter artistic creations from the famous to the cutting edge, and are encouraged to consider the interdisciplinary connections amongst the arts. 

Explore the Big Apple through the lens of art + faith.

The New York travel study welcomes students from all majors to explore what some call the cultural and financial capital of the world. The Big Apple's impact on commerce, media, education, fashion, technology, music, theatre, and, or course, art, is inestimable. NYC is one of the most important centres for Modern and Contemporary Art in the world. 

Gain perspective on culture, change, environment, development & leadership

Immerse yourself in another culture. Absorb the sights, sounds, and tastes of Latin America. Trinity Western University’s summer travel study program to Guatemala and Honduras introduces students to the vibrancy and diversity of Latin culture.

Experience Africa’s heartbeat!

Wake up to the pre-dawn of a day by the sound of Nairobi, Kenya’s rush-hour traf­c, the crowing village roosters, or your alarm clock set to tell you it’s time to grab a cup of chai before you head out for a morning safari. Throughout the day, you will be guided through activities and events; but even so, you will encounter the unexpected! 

Alumni+ Tour // Alumni, parents, staff, faculty, community

Join hosts Dr. David and Colette Squires for 13 days in London and Paris, exploring the arts, culture and worship life of these vibrant world-class cities. Encounter the Holy in sacred spaces such as London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, and Paris’ Sainte-Chappelle and the Basilica Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. Feast on the arts in the world’s great theatres, opera houses, museums and galleries.