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Kenya Travel Study and Field Experience

Next Trip: April - May 2017

The Kenya travel study is one of Trinity Western University’s most well-established international study programs, with 2017 being the ninth trip to East Africa. Over the years we have developed close relationships with all levels of government in Kenya, giving us unique front-line exposure to institutional and grassroots development efforts. While one day you may be sitting in a boardroom listening to a lecture on international development from the World Bank, the next you could be walking rural pathways while community leaders show you their current projects in health or food security, and another day you might find yourself filming and documenting the success stories of vulnerable children and disadvantaged communities.

Regional Area Study

On safari to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve
Shortly after arrival you will leave the capital city of Nairobi, descend the escarpment of the Rift Valley, and spend two nights in the game reserve. You will go on several savannah safaris. It will become a highlight of your life’s adventures. 

In Nairobi
You can expect to see a teeming population heading to work in modern office towers, amidst traffic congestion and pollution. The capital is home to international, continental and national organizations, such as the United Nations, World Bank, and embassies including Global Affairs Canada. Nairobi is vibrant. Life is hectic. People are technologically savvy and benefit from some of the world’s most ingenious mobile phone innovations.

The Great Rift Valley and Western Lake (Victoria) Region
A significant part of your travel study takes place in the rural hill country of Western Kenya, just north of the equator near Lake Victoria. You will explore the last of Kenya’s rainforest, and in the village of Muhanda, you will exchange the pace of urban life for the daily rhythm of a rural, grassroots African community. There, and also in the Great Rift Valley, you will learn about socio-economic issues and solutions through Hands-On Development Initiatives International, its partner CBOs (community-based organizations) and local groups.

Program Themes  

Insight. Inspiration. Your mind and heart will be stretched as you observe the challenges of disadvantaged individuals and communities. You will be inspired by their creative use of resources, and their determination and hard work to become healthy, self-sustaining communities.

Involvement. You will experience varied approaches to sustainable development goals, and come to understand the value and effectiveness of international partnerships and social entrepreneurships.

This Kenya program is designed to help equip you for a career with global options, especially in social and economic development. This field experience is of particular value to students aspiring to a profession with an international or intercultural component.

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