# - Andrew Ott ()


Height: 5'10"

Year of Eligibility: 1

Major: HKIN

Year of study: 1

Hometown: Abbotsford, BC

Last Team: Valley Royals (Kate Andrews)


Short Answers

If I could take away one rule in my sport, it would be... only one false start allowed

My best non-athletic talent is.... cooking

The word that best describes myself is... exuberant

My dream job would be... having fun

Other sports I enjoy besides my sport are... volleyball, tennis, swimming

My advice to youngsters is... have fun

My craziest ambition is... not sure

If I could appear on the cover of any magazine, it would be... track and field news

My position is best because... you have to push yourself

I knew I could play in the CIS when... just thought i could

My autobiography would be titled... My Life

As a member in a band, I would be... a drummer

The first thing I would buy after winning the lottery is... investments

Other than TWU my favorite place to play is... in the water

Nobody knows how much I like.... baking

The most important thing I have learned at TWU is... its my first year

The funniest story from my childhood was... when my sister paid me to give me a haircut

If I could trade places with anyone for a day it would be... my twin brother

If I sat down to dinner with three people in history they would be... Samson, Noah Eric Liddell


Website: flotrack.org

TV Show: Ultimate Cakes

Fast food: Wendys

Late night snack: whatever is in the fridge that looks good

Music: Starfield

Movie: Shooter

Meal: Perogies with bacon and onions

Survivor: item not sure

Vacation spot: Dominican Republic

Pro athlete: Sebastian Coe

Pro sports team: not sure

Article of clothing: shorts

Class at TWU: not sure

Book: once a runner

Colour: red/green

Ice cream flavour: tiger

Restaurant: The keg

Skittles: flavour red

Season: summer

Season Stats