Box Score



W Baptist Warriors112
TWU Spartans314« FINAL


Game Date: 9/5/2003Location: Langley,BC
Game Time: 6:00 pmAttendance: 180
W Baptist WarriorsTWU Spartans
Goal Scorer(s)Scott Marshall (23) - 21:45
Scott Marshall (23) - 75:17
Jason Flint (15) - 10:01
Jason Flint (15) - 27:05
Trevor Rosencrans (11) - 38:44
Harpreet Sahota (13) - 90:00
Total Goals Scored24
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target618
Total Shots1024
Corner Kicks34
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards11
Other Fouls1117
W Baptist Warriors
1Brandon Weber900/00/00
2Jason Sii640/00/00
5Dustin Karstetter900/00/00
8Jake Watterberg810/00/00
10Taurai Daka901/02/00
11Quinn Neely900/01/00
12James Young760/00/00
13Michael Otto840/02/20
22Mike Geleynse900/00/00
23Scott Marshall*900/05/42
24Josh Brooks810/00/00
3Benjamin Downing140/00/00
4Troy Koster90/00/00
14Nathan Louvier260/00/00
20Aaron Conger60/00/00
21Kevin Franklin90/00/00
TWU Spartans
1Jacob Hanson900/00/00
2Paul Ballard900/00/00
4Aaron Barber450/00/00
5James Riehl670/02/20
9Travis Hill610/00/00
11Trevor Rosencrans*710/07/51
15Jason Flint*560/06/52
16Mike Barney901/01/10
17Mark Peters450/01/00
18Marc Koroll900/00/00
19Simon Crocker900/01/10
3Josh Coleman450/00/00
10Nick Perugini180/01/10
12Josh McCaig450/02/10
13Harpreet Sahota*190/01/11
14Drew Roddy450/02/10
21James Giebelhaus230/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Men's Soccer (non-conference game)
Friday, September 05, 2003
TWU Spartans (4) vs the Western Baptist College Warriors (2)

Spartans End Preseason Undefeated

Langley, British Columbia - TWU's men's soccer team completed its preseason today in style, finishing with a 7-0-1 record to head into the Canada West regular season. Tonight they defeated the visiting Western Baptist College Warriors 4-2 in the second game of the Spartans' Can-Am tournament.

A chance to enjoy one of the last warm, sunny evenings of the waning summer while watching highly entertaining soccer was invitation enough for 180 fans to cheer on their mighty Spartans, and the men didn't disappoint. The end-to-end action had the feel of a Canucks hockey game with both teams going full bore for 90 minutes. The game was an impressive display of fitness and offensive prowess with a total of 34 shots (24 on net) taken-although the Spartans dominated that total 24-10. If not for the acrobatics of the Western Baptist keeper, Brandon Weber, who made 14 saves in the game including two on a Spartan penalty kick, TWU would have blown this game wide open. Time after time he made the extra effort to stop what looked like a sure goal.

TWU's Jason Flint (5'10, 1st year, Forward, Abbotsford, BC) opened the scoring in the 10th minute off a pass from midfielder James Riehl (5'8, 1st year, Abbotsford, BC), with a shot from the top right side of the box.

Western Baptist answered a little more than ten minutes later, as Scott Marshall found himself open at the top of the box in the 21st minute and placed his shot in the top right corner. Michael Otto tallied the assist.

Flint was not to be outdone, however, and scored his second goal of the night in the 27th minute, this time from a through ball by Mark Peters (6'1, 3rd year, Forward, Chilliwack, BC).

The Spartans went into halftime with a comfortable 3-1 lead after Trevor Rosencrans (5'8, 4th year, Midfield, Ladner, BC) had a break and went one-on-one with the Warriors' goalie, scoring from the far left side. Mark Peters assisted on this goal as well, with another beautiful pass.

Although Trinity Western continued to press offensively in the second half, the Warriors keeper seemed even more determined to keep the lead from stretching further out of his team's grasp. His efforts were rewarded when, after a scramble in front of the net in the 75th minute, Scott Marshall scored his second goal.

Suddenly the game's outcome didn't seem so certain, but the Spartans took it all in stride and notched their final goal in extra time. Harpreet Sahota (6'0, 3rd year, Defender, Langley, BC) also took advantage of a bit of a scramble, pounding home the goal off a rebound from a shot off a corner kick.

It was a great finish to an incredible preseason ride, but the real test comes with the start of the regular season, as the Spartans face familiar foes in the always-tough Canada West. "Obviously we are incredibly excited to finish the preseason undefeated," said Coach Alan Alderson. "It means a lot as far as respectability, and it's great for our confidence as we head into tough Canada West divisional play."

The Spartan men's and women's soccer seasons start on Thursday, September 11 at UBC, with the women playing at 5:30pm and the men at 7:45pm.





W Baptist Warriors Period: 1TWU Spartans
Brandon Weber at goalie for WBC.00:00
00:00Jacob Hanson at goalie for TWU.
03:05Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans HIGH.
05:10Offside against TWU.
Foul on WBC.
Shot by WBC Michael Otto, SAVE Jacob Hanson.09:10
10:01GOAL by TWU Jason Flint (FIRST GOAL), Assist by James Riehl.
*fm top rt box,rt side
Foul on TWU.
Corner kick by WBC Josh Brooks.12:01
Foul on TWU.
Offside against WBC.
Foul on WBC.
Foul on TWU.
19:06Offside against TWU.
20:12Offside against TWU.
GOAL by WBC Scott Marshall, Assist by Michael Otto.21:45
*open top r cr
22:35Shot by TWU James Riehl, SAVE Brandon Weber.
Shot by WBC Scott Marshall HIGH.25:22
26:19Offside against TWU.
27:05GOAL by TWU Jason Flint, Assist by Mark Peters.
*thr ball-oneongl
29:14Header Shot by TWU Mark Peters HIGH.
Foul on WBC.
Foul on WBC.
30:56Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans, SAVE Brandon Weber.
32:52Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans, SAVE Brandon Weber.
33:20Shot by TWU James Riehl, SAVE Brandon Weber.
34:02Corner kick by TWU Trevor Rosencrans.
Foul on TWU.
WBC substitution: Nathan Louvier for Jason Sii.36:27
WBC substitution: Kevin Franklin for Jake Watterberg.36:27
38:14Offside against TWU.
38:44GOAL by TWU Trevor Rosencrans, Assist by Mark Peters.
*fr lft side-far post
Foul on WBC.
Corner kick by WBC Josh Brooks.42:52
44:12Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans HIGH.
W Baptist Warriors Period: 2TWU Spartans
45:00For TWU: #1 Jacob Hanson, #19 Simon Crocker, #12 Josh McCaig, #5 James Riehl, #14 Drew Roddy, #11 Trevor Rosencrans, #10 Nick Perugini, #2 Paul Ballard, #3 Josh Coleman, #18 Marc Koroll, #16 Mike Barney.
For WBC: #10 Taurai Daka, #22 Mike Geleynse, #24 Josh Brooks, #5 Dustin Karstetter, #12 James Young, #11 Quinn Neely, #2 Jason Sii, #8 Jake Watterberg, #1 Brandon Weber, #23 Scott Marshall, #13 Michael Otto.45:00
45:46Shot by TWU Mike Barney, SAVE Brandon Weber.
47:49Corner kick by TWU Simon Crocker.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by WBC Scott Marshall, SAVE Jacob Hanson.50:10
Foul on WBC.
51:38PENALTY KICK by TWU Nick Perugini MISSED, save Brandon Weber.
52:26Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans, SAVE Brandon Weber.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Yellow card on WBC Taurai Daka.54:49
WBC substitution: Aaron Conger for Michael Otto.56:23
inj subinj sub
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
59:22Yellow card on TWU Mike Barney.
60:43Shot by TWU Josh McCaig, SAVE Brandon Weber.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by WBC Quinn Neely HIGH.61:45
WBC substitution: Michael Otto for Aaron Conger.62:51
62:51TWU substitution: Travis Hill for Nick Perugini.
64:31Shot by TWU Simon Crocker, SAVE Brandon Weber.
65:02Corner kick by TWU Trevor Rosencrans.
Shot by WBC Scott Marshall, SAVE Jacob Hanson.65:37
65:56Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans, SAVE Brandon Weber.
67:05TWU substitution: James Giebelhaus for James Riehl.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by WBC Michael Otto, SAVE Jacob Hanson.69:15
Foul on TWU.
Shot by WBC Taurai Daka WIDE.70:48
70:57TWU substitution: Harpreet Sahota for Trevor Rosencrans.
72:48Offside against TWU.
WBC substitution: Nathan Louvier for Jason Sii.72:56
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
GOAL by WBC Scott Marshall.75:17
*off of scramble
WBC substitution: Benjamin Downing for James Young.75:47
Offside against TWU.
77:51Offside against TWU.
Foul on TWU.
79:08TWU substitution: Jason Flint for Travis Hill.
79:59Shot by TWU Drew Roddy, SAVE Brandon Weber.
Shot by WBC Taurai Daka WIDE.80:13
Foul on TWU.
WBC substitution: Troy Koster for Josh Brooks.81:24
84:06Header Shot by TWU Jason Flint, SAVE Brandon Weber.
84:46Shot by TWU Drew Roddy WIDE.
Foul on WBC.
Offside against WBC.87:06
87:44Shot by TWU Josh McCaig HIGH.
Foul on WBC.
89:07Offside against TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Corner kick by WBC Taurai Daka.90:00
Foul on WBC.
90:00TWU substitution: Travis Hill for Simon Crocker.
Foul on WBC.
90:00Shot by TWU Jason Flint, SAVE Brandon Weber.
90:00Corner kick by TWU Travis Hill.
90:00Shot by TWU Jason Flint BLOCKED.
90:00GOAL by TWU Harpreet Sahota.
*off rebound, after corner
Foul on WBC.
90:00Shot by TWU Jason Flint, SAVE Brandon Weber.
end of period [90:00].-END-90:00end of period [90:00].-END-

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