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Scheduled Game: VICTORIA*


Victoria Vikes101
TWU Spartans112« FINAL


Game Date: 9/13/2003Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 4:15 pmAttendance: 270
Victoria VikesTWU Spartans
Goal Scorer(s)William Moore (19) - 19:22
Mike Barney (16) - 1:58
Mark Peters (17) - 55:59
Total Goals Scored12
Penalty Goals10
Shots On Target47
Total Shots1013
Corner Kicks32
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards11
Other Fouls1313
Victoria Vikes
22Trevor Stiles900/00/00
2Gregory Sawers450/00/00
3Derek Wilson900/00/00
5Jagminder Sajan900/00/00
6Terry Krueger900/00/00
7Aaron Arnold650/00/00
8Patrick Laing900/01/00
9Matthew Wilson900/00/00
12Sean Battistoni400/01/10
13Kingsley Jones780/00/00
19William Moore*571/03/11
4Mark Cristante500/03/20
11Chad Kalyk250/00/00
14Kyle Finner450/00/00
16Lance Grisdale450/01/00
17Tyler Lemmon330/00/00
TWU Spartans
1Jacob Hanson900/00/00
2Paul Ballard900/00/00
5James Riehl710/00/00
6Lee Ellis900/00/00
7Brian Scrivens900/02/10
8Michael Riehl450/01/10
11Trevor Rosencrans901/04/20
12Josh McCaig450/01/10
15Jason Flint550/01/00
16Mike Barney*900/01/11
18Marc Koroll900/00/00
4Aaron Barber190/00/00
10Nick Perugini450/00/00
14Drew Roddy350/02/00
17Mark Peters*450/01/11

Game Recap

Game Recap

Men's Soccer (conference game)
Saturday, September 13, 2003
TWU Spartans (2) vs the University of Victoria Vikes (1)

Spartans Victorious Over Vikes!

Langley, British Columbia - TWU's men's soccer team kept their unbeaten streak intact this afternoon, defeating the visiting UVIC Vikes 2-1. The Spartans are now 2-0 in league play and 9-0-1 overall.

The Trinity Western men knew they had their work cut out for them opening their season against two of the toughest teams in Canada West-UBC and UVIC. After defeating the T-Birds 1-0 on Thursday, the Spartans came out today fired up and ready to play hard.

Their aggressiveness paid off as they shocked the Vikes with a goal in the second minute of the game. Brian Scrivens (4th yr, Forward, Langley, BC) drove a perfect free kick into the box from the lower right side, and Mike Barney (3rd yr, Defender, Maple Ridge, BC) timed his leap to nail the header past the UVIC keeper.

The Spartans didn't let up for most of the first half, controlling the ball beautifully, and forcing the Vikes to play chase. A hand ball in the box by a Spartan defender in the 19th minute was the only thing that put a damper on the first 45 minutes. UVIC's William Moore (2nd yr, Midfielder, Victoria, BC) converted the resulting penalty kick. TWU outshot the Vikes 7-3 in the first half but the teams remained deadlocked at 1-1 at the break.

Play was a little sloppier in the second half, with both teams looking to score the go-ahead goal. It wasn't until the 55th minute that TWU's Mark Peters (3rd yr, Forward, Chilliwack, BC) was able to find the back of the net. Trevor Rosencrans (5th yr, Midfielder, Delta, BC) crossed a low ball into the Vikes' box, and Peters, all alone in front of the net, one-timed his shot high into the top of the net.

With time winding down, the Vikes pressed to get the equalizer as the Spartans restlessly awaited the game-ending whistle. A mistake in the Spartan back line in extra time resulted in a UVIC free kick just outside the bottom right side of the box. The next few seconds were some of the most anxious of the entire game. A wall of Spartans, interspersed with a few Vikes, lined up in the box according to the loud commands of keeper Jacob Hanson (3rd yr, Powell River, BC), and a few more placed themselves along the goal line and shadowing Vike forwards. In the end it was Captain Paul Ballard (3rd yr, Defender, Port Coquitlam, BC) who saved the day, booting UVIC's Mark Cristante's shot off the line and away from danger.

Coach Alderson was understandably happy with the win, but also knows his team can play even better. "We played really well for the first 15 minutes, but we know that today's performance was not to our full potential. It's exciting to come out with a win when you know you can play even better. We're also looking forward to some rest before next Thursday, so we can rest the players who played banged up today."

The Spartans play at home again on Thursday, September 18 at 7:15pm against the University of Saskatchewan.

Match Notes: With today's victory, the Spartans are close to "running the table" on teams that finished last season ranked in the top ten: 2-1 over #1 UVIC, 2-0 over #2 McGill, 6-2 over #5 Carleton, 1-1 with #7 Montreal, 1-0 over #8 UBC...check Tuesday for the first soccer rankings of the 2003-04 season and see where the Spartans place...





Victoria Vikes Period: 1TWU Spartans
Trevor Stiles at goalie for UVIC.00:00
00:00Jacob Hanson at goalie for TWU.
Foul on UVIC.
01:58GOAL by TWU Mike Barney (FIRST GOAL) {shot from in the box}, Assist by Brian Scrivens.
*hdr in box off free kick
Foul on TWU.
06:13Corner kick by TWU Trevor Rosencrans.
08:44Corner kick by TWU Brian Scrivens.
Foul on UVIC.
Foul on UVIC.
Foul on UVIC.
Foul on UVIC.
18:13Shot by TWU Josh McCaig, SAVE Trevor Stiles {shot from in the box}.
Corner kick by UVIC Kingsley Jones.18:57
UVIC William Moore PENALTY KICK GOAL.19:22
Yellow card on UVIC William Moore.20:11
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by UVIC Sean Battistoni, SAVE Jacob Hanson {shot from top of box}.23:48
Foul on UVIC.
28:05Shot by TWU Brian Scrivens, SAVE Trevor Stiles {shot from far right wing}.
Foul on UVIC.
32:55Header Shot by TWU Michael Riehl, SAVE Trevor Stiles {shot from in the box}.
33:30Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans HIGH {shot from close left wing}.
Foul on UVIC.
Foul on UVIC.
37:00Shot by TWU Brian Scrivens BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.
Foul on UVIC.
Foul on TWU.
UVIC substitution: Mark Cristante for Sean Battistoni.40:18
Shot by UVIC William Moore HIGH {shot from top of box}.41:18
44:05Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans HIGH {shot from in the box}.
Victoria Vikes Period: 2TWU Spartans
For UVIC: #22 Trevor Stiles, #16 Lance Grisdale, #8 Patrick Laing, #9 Matthew Wilson, #5 Jagminder Sajan, #3 Derek Wilson, #7 Aaron Arnold, #4 Mark Cristante, #13 Kingsley Jones, #14 Kyle Finner, #6 Terry Krueger.45:00
45:00For TWU: #14 Drew Roddy, #17 Mark Peters, #10 Nick Perugini, #1 Jacob Hanson, #2 Paul Ballard, #5 James Riehl, #6 Lee Ellis, #7 Brian Scrivens, #11 Trevor Rosencrans, #16 Mike Barney, #18 Marc Koroll.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by UVIC Lance Grisdale HIT CROSSBAR {shot from in the box}.50:12
54:55Yellow card on TWU Trevor Rosencrans.
55:59GOAL by TWU Mark Peters {shot from in the box}, Assist by Trevor Rosencrans.
*roofed off cross
UVIC substitution: Tyler Lemmon for 03.57:01
Shot by UVIC Adam Roe HIGH {shot from top of box}.57:31
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
65:05Shot by TWU Drew Roddy HIGH {shot from in the box}.
UVIC substitution: Chad Kalyk for Aaron Arnold.65:28
Foul on TWU.
Corner kick by UVIC Mark Cristante.
69:31Shot by TWU Drew Roddy WIDE {shot from close left wing}.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by UVIC Patrick Laing HIGH {shot from in the box}.71:11
71:26TWU substitution: Aaron Barber for James Riehl.
Foul on UVIC.
74:45Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans, SAVE Trevor Stiles {shot from in the box}.
75:08Shot by TWU Trevor Rosencrans, SAVE Trevor Stiles {shot from in the box}.
UVIC substitution: William Moore for Kingsley Jones.77:44
Corner kick by UVIC William Moore.79:18
79:34TWU substitution: Jason Flint for Drew Roddy.
Header Shot by UVIC William Moore HIGH {shot from in the box}.81:41
83:33Shot by TWU Jason Flint BLOCKED {shot from top of box}.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on UVIC.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on UVIC.
Shot by UVIC Mark Cristante, SAVE Jacob Hanson {shot from top of box}.88:04
Foul on TWU.
Shot by UVIC Mark Cristante, SAVE Jacob Hanson {shot from in the box}.89:19
Foul on TWU.
Shot by UVIC Mark Cristante WIDE {shot from far left wing}.90:00

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