Box Score

Scheduled Game: CALGARY*


Calgary Dinos000
TWU Spartans235« FINAL


Game Date: 9/30/2004Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 7:15pmAttendance: 131
Calgary DinosTWU Spartans
Goal Scorer(s)Nick Perugini (10) - 19:42
Brian Scrivens (7) - 25:53
Drew Roddy (14) - 66:43
Brian Scrivens (7) - 84:53
Drew Roddy (14) - 90:00
Total Goals Scored05
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target28
Total Shots212
Corner Kicks20
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards10
Yellow Cards43
Other Fouls95
Calgary Dinos
9Jose Morales900/00/00
16Eric Baczuk580/00/00
1Rick Urbanczyk820/10/00
5Pablo Romero900/00/00
10Adam MacDonald901/01/10
11Carlos Cruz651/00/00
13Jon Remmer901/00/00
2Gabe Stetkiewicz580/00/00
3Andrew Waiand751/00/00
6John Courtliff900/00/00
20Adam Onulov900/00/00
4Hani Tabsh150/00/00
8Matt Deeprose320/01/10
12Kyle Webber320/00/00
18Mazin Tabsh250/00/00
22Brian McDonnell80/00/00
TWU Spartans
7Brian Scrivens*900/03/22
10Nick Perugini*741/02/21
17Mark Peters680/01/00
20Chris Cecil900/00/00
12Josh McCaig900/00/00
14Drew Roddy*900/06/42
15Jason Flint741/00/00
2Paul Ballard900/00/00
6Lee Ellis900/00/00
11Patrick Kelly900/00/00
16Mike Barney870/00/00
3Josh Coleman40/00/00
9Travis Hill220/00/00
18Nathan Square-Briggs160/00/00
19Justin Cordick161/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Men's Soccer (Conference)
Thursday, September 30, 2004
TWU Spartans (5) vs. the University of Calgary Dinos (0)

Spartans Get Job Done

Langley, British Columbia - It was a physical hard-fought match Thursday night between Trinity Western University and the visiting University of Calgary. But it was the Spartans who came out on top of the scoreboard with a 5-0 win.

Even with the Spartans controlling much of the play, the Dinos did not back down. Calgary (1-0-3) tried to push the Spartans off of their game, but TWU remained focused as they finished off the match for their third league win (3-1-1) and 13th overall (13-1-2).

"We did the things that we needed to do in the second half," said TWU Head Coach Al Alderson. "We have had leads in the last three games that we have played and keeping a lead late in a game can be difficult, but tonight we were able to maintain control of the match and build on our lead."

Midfielder Nick Perugini (Montreal, PQ) opened the scoring for the Spartans in the 20th minute. Working off of a free kick, Perugini caught Calgary keeper Rick Urbanczyk (Calgary, AB) off of his line and chipped the ball off the cross bar and into the back of the Dinos net.

Then in the 26th minute, Jason Flint (Abbotsford, BC) took a ball across the front of the Calgary net. Flint could have taken the shot, but instead he placed the ball over to the right side to teammate Brian Scrivens (Langley, BC). Scrivens took the pass and slotted it into the open side of the net.

Forward Drew Roddy (Orono, MN) made it 3-0 for the Spartans at the 22nd minute of the second half. Roddy headed Brian Scrivens' corner kick past Urbanczyk and into the back of the net.

Brian Scrivens made it 4-0 on a PK in the 85th minute. The goal came against Calgary keeper Brian McDonnell (Calgary, AB), as Urbanczyk, the Dinos starting keeper was given a red card on a foul in the box on the previous play.

In extra time Drew Roddy finished the scoring with his second goal of the match to give the Spartans a 5-0 victory.

Next up for the Spartans is the University of Lethbridge on Saturday, October 2. Game time at TWU is set for 4:15 pm.

Match Notes: TWU outshot Calgary 12-2, while Calgary held the edge in corners at 2-0...There were 8 yellow cards and one red card given out in tonight's match (TWU 3 Yellow, CAL 5 Yellow, 1 Red)...Chris Cecil (Abbotsford, BC) made two saves to earn the shutout...Calgary split the goaltending between Rick Urbanczyk - 82 minutes and Brian McDonnell - 8 minutes... Tonight's match makes the Spartans 3-0 against Calgary this season, outscoring the Dinos 11-1...





Calgary Dinos Period: 1TWU Spartans
Rick Urbanczyk at goalie for CALGARY.00:00
00:00Chris Cecil at goalie for TWU.
Foul on CALGARY.
Foul on CALGARY.
Foul on TWU.
16:28Shot by TWU Drew Roddy, SAVE Rick Urbanczyk {shot from in the box}.
16:59Shot by TWU Brian Scrivens HIT POST {shot from top of box}.
Foul on CALGARY.
Foul on CALGARY.
Yellow card on CALGARY Andrew Waiand.18:36
19:42GOAL by TWU Nick Perugini (FIRST GOAL) {shot from far right wing}.
*off cross bar and in
Yellow card on CALGARY Carlos Cruz.22:45
25:53GOAL by TWU Brian Scrivens, Assist by Jason Flint.
*wide open net in corner
Foul on CALGARY.
33:25Shot by TWU Drew Roddy, SAVE Rick Urbanczyk {shot from in the box}.
Corner kick by CALGARY Adam MacDonald.35:12
Shot by CALGARY Adam MacDonald, SAVE Chris Cecil {shot from top of box}.35:46
36:14Shot by TWU Mark Peters HIGH.
37:09Shot by TWU Nick Perugini, SAVE Rick Urbanczyk {shot from close right wing}.
Yellow card on CALGARY Jon Remmer.40:54
41:36Yellow card on TWU Nick Perugini.
41:44Shot by TWU Drew Roddy WIDE {shot from top of box}.
Foul on TWU.
Yellow card on CALGARY Adam MacDonald.44:40
-END-13:00Yellow card on TWU Jason Flint.-END-
Calgary Dinos Period: 2TWU Spartans
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on CALGARY.
CALGARY substitution: Kyle Webber for Gabe Stetkiewicz.57:59
CALGARY substitution: Matt Deeprose for Eric Baczuk.57:59
Shot by CALGARY Matt Deeprose, SAVE Chris Cecil.59:54
Foul on CALGARY.
63:53Shot by TWU Drew Roddy HIT POST {shot from top of box}.
CALGARY substitution: Mazin Tabsh for Carlos Cruz.65:21
66:43Header GOAL by TWU Drew Roddy {shot from in the box}, Assist by Brian Scrivens.
*header off corner kick into goal area
67:46TWU substitution: Travis Hill for Mark Peters.
74:06TWU substitution: Justin Cordick for Jason Flint.
74:06TWU substitution: Nathan Square-Briggs for Nick Perugini.
Foul on CALGARY.
CALGARY substitution: Hani Tabsh for Andrew Waiand.75:25
Foul on TWU.
Corner kick by CALGARY Mazin Tabsh.79:17
Red card on CALGARY Rick Urbanczyk.82:11
Brian McDonnell at goalie for CALGARY.82:11
84:53GOAL by TWU Brian Scrivens {shot from in the box}.
*from pen kick
86:30TWU substitution: Josh Coleman for Mike Barney.
Foul on CALGARY.
90:00GOAL by TWU Drew Roddy {shot from in the box}, Assist by Justin Cordick.
*in over time
CALGARY substitution: Eric Baczuk for Adam Onulov.90:00
-END-90:00Yellow card on TWU Justin Cordick.-END-

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