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Scheduled Game: @Gonzaga


Trinity Western101
Gonzaga213« FINAL


Game Date: 8/20/2006Location: SPOKANE, WA
Game Time: 2:05Attendance: 150
Referee: Garth Trimble, Asst. Referee: Matthew Kennedy, Debora Brock
Trinity WesternGonzaga
Goal Scorer(s)Nathan Pogue (16) - 10:03
JOSTEN, George (9) - 41:18
PERDIDO, Tye (23) - 42:34
MURAVEZ, Tim (20) - 76:13
Total Goals Scored13
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target711
Total Shots922
Corner Kicks36
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards53
Other Fouls2011
Trinity Western
20Tyler DeJong (GK)90374,3
3Nathan Square-Briggs220/00/00
4Bruno Napoleao220/00/00
5Justin Farenik900/01/10
6Brendan Campbell900/00/00
7Mustafa Demirci740/01/10
8Adrian Kekec901/01/10
9Josip Maras450/01/10
10Nick Perugini900/01/00
16Nathan Pogue*560/01/11
23Joel van Vliet470/00/00
13Jordan Hart340/00/00
15Jason Flint341/01/10
17Colby Sawatzky250/01/10
18Shawn Parkes680/01/00
21Chris Trauter451/00/00
22Goran Vitic680/00/00
1H. Vito (GK)90162,4
3S. Daniel900/00/00
4M. Scott450/02/20
5W. Austin900/00/00
6S. Ben651/01/00
7P. John680/01/10
8P. Peter650/00/00
9J. George*680/02/11
10L. Grant681/02/10
13C. Scott450/00/00
15R. John500/03/10
12B. Nick451/01/10
16M. Bryan250/00/00
17H. Nick210/01/00
19F. Ben450/02/00
20M. Tim*220/01/11
21O. Steve430/01/10
22B. Conor40/00/00
23P. Tye*420/05/21

Game Recap

Game Recap

Men’s Soccer (NCAA pre-season)
Saturday, August 20, 2006


Spartan Fall to Gonzaga Bulldogs
TWU starts strong, but Gonzaga comes from behind for 3-1 win

– The Gonzaga University Bulldogs uses two goals within 1:15 minutes late in the first half to secure a 3-1 win over the visiting Trinity Western University men’s soccer team in an exhibition match at a hot Martin Field Sunday afternoon in Spokane, Washington.

“We have been able to use our entire roster of the last four games which has allowed us to see what everybody is capable of doing on the field,” said TWU Head Coach Al Alderson. “We showed a lot more promise in today’s match and we have seen a lot of improvement over the week.”

The visiting Spartans took a 1-0 lead at 10:03 when Nathan Pogue took a pass from Mustafa Demirci and had his right-to-left shot catch the far corner past Gonzaga keeper Vito Higgins.

But with kickoff temperature at 91 degrees, the Bulldogs finally heated up late in the first half. George Josten, who led the Bulldogs and the West Coast Conference with 12 goals and 19 points a year ago, took a thru ball from Peter Peterson and found the net at 41:18. Josten’s goal came after Scott Campbell’s shot had been saved by TWU keeper Tyler DeJong, but the Bulldogs maintained possession.

Just 76 seconds later the Bulldogs Tye Perdido, a much heralded player from Kula, HI, took a thru ball from Josten on the left side, dribbled in and shot to the far corner to beat DeJong with the go-ahead goal.

Gonzaga’s Tim Muravez all but sealed the win when he got a rebound off Ben Funkhouser’s free kick that was blocked by the wall and found the wide open net at 76:13.

Both Higgins, who finished with six saves, and DeJong, who had seven saves, came up with big stops.

It took TWU just 11 seconds to get a quality shot, Josip Maras’ shot over the wall on a free kick blocked away by the hand of the diving Higgins. DeJong saw his first real test in the 31st minute when Spokane’s John Palladino, making his return to action after sitting out last season with knee surgery, also had a free kick go over the wall of blockers and tipped by DeJong.

Both clubs had excellent scoring opportunities early in the second half. Higgins tipped a Demirci shot from 15 yards straightaway over the crossbar in the 50th minute. Both keepers were called to the task in the 55th minute. DeJong stopped a low, hard right-to-left shot by Grant Lundberg following a Gonzaga corner kick, and Higgins stuffed a Jason Flint shot from close range. A minute later Josten chipped a wide open shot over the net for the Bulldogs.

Minutes prior to Muravez’ goal, John Reha saw a wide open shot roll slowly past the far right post as the Bulldogs peppered the net with four straight shots, including a Perdido shot that hit the crossbar and two subsequent rebound shots that were blocked prior to Reha’s near miss.

Perdido also had a breakaway shot from the left of the box deflected wide by DeJong late in the game, and Reha’s header sailed over the open net in a pair of late attempts by Gonzaga. The Bulldogs held a 22-9 edge in shots.

The match was as heated as the weather at times as eight yellow cards were issued, the last on DeJong following the match as the officials were walking off the field. Gonzaga had three yellow cards, TWU five.

The Spartans will now head home for a week of practices before they host Corban College on Friday and the University of Calgary on Saturday. Friday’s match is at 3:00 pm, while Saturday’s has a 12:00 start time.

The Bulldogs open regular-season play this week at home. UNLV visits Friday for a 1 p.m. match followed by UC Davis on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Match Notes: Gonzaga outshot TWU 22-8...the Spartans keeper Tyler DeJong played the full 90 minutes in net and made eight saves...Gonzaga’s Vito Higgins played the full 90 minutes for the Bulldogs and made six saves...the Bulldogs finished with six corner kicks, while the Spartans finished with three...




Trinity Western Period: 1Gonzaga
Tyler DeJong at goalie for TWU.00:00
00:00HIGGINS, Vito at goalie for GON.
Foul on GON.
Foul on TWU.
02:08Shot by GON REHA, John, SAVE Tyler DeJong.
Foul on TWU.
02:46Offside against GON.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
07:16Yellow card on GON SAWYER, Ben.
08:35Corner kick by GON PETERSON, Peter.
GOAL by TWU Nathan Pogue (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Mustafa Demirci.10:03
*Right-to-left catches far corner
Foul on TWU.
15:31[15:31] Shot by GON SAWYER, Ben WIDE LEFT.
Offside against TWU.16:19
Foul on GON.
Shot by TWU Josip Maras, SAVE HIGGINS, Vito.19:49
Shot off free kick over wall diving hand saveShot off free kick over wall diving hand save
TWU substitution: Shawn Parkes for Nathan Square-Briggs.21:38
TWU substitution: Goran Vitic for Bruno Napoleao.21:38
Trinity's Square-Briggs shaken upTrinity's Square-Briggs shaken up
22:18Shot by GON LUNDBERG, Grant WIDE RIGHT.
25:09GON substitution: PERDIDO, Tye for REHA, John.
Foul on GON.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
30:17Shot by GON PALLADINO, John, SAVE Tyler DeJong.
Free kick over wall hand save OBFree kick over wall hand save OB
TWU substitution: Jason Flint for Joel van Vliet.30:59
TWU substitution: Jordan Hart for Nathan Pogue.30:59
Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec, SAVE HIGGINS, Vito.33:09
Weak shot from 15 ydsWeak shot from 15 yds
Foul on TWU.
35:32Corner kick by GON MESLIN, Scott.
Foul on TWU.
38:21Offside against GON.
Foul on TWU.
41:08Shot by GON MESLIN, Scott, SAVE Tyler DeJong.
41:18GOAL by GON JOSTEN, George, Assist by PETERSON, Peter.
*Thru ball to Josten on right side after save from Campbell shot
42:34GOAL by GON PERDIDO, Tye, Assist by JOSTEN, George.
*Thru ball on left side shoots to far corner
44:59Shot by GON MESLIN, Scott, SAVE Tyler DeJong.
Header at the buzzer-END-Header at the buzzer-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Gonzaga
45:00GON substitution: FUNKHOUSER, Ben for PERDIDO, Tye.
45:00GON substitution: OWENS, Steve for MESLIN, Scott.
45:00GON substitution: BARCLAY, Nick for CAMPBELL, Scott.
TWU substitution: Chris Trauter for Josip Maras.45:00
Foul on TWU.
Foul on GON.
Foul on TWU.
Corner kick by TWU Adrian Kekec.49:13
Shot by TWU Mustafa Demirci, SAVE HIGGINS, Vito.49:31
Shot from 15 straightaway tipped over crossbarShot from 15 straightaway tipped over crossbar
Corner kick by TWU Adrian Kekec.50:01
Foul on GON.
Shot by TWU Shawn Parkes BLOCKED.51:10
Yellow card on TWU Jason Flint.51:57
Hard check on Lundberg near midfieldHard check on Lundberg near midfield
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Yellow card on TWU Chris Trauter.53:37
54:05Corner kick by GON FUNKHOUSER, Ben.
54:26Shot by GON LUNDBERG, Grant, SAVE Tyler DeJong.
Hard, low shot r-l off cornerHard, low shot r-l off corner
Shot by TWU Jason Flint, SAVE HIGGINS, Vito.54:42
Stuffed in box by Higgins from close rangeStuffed in box by Higgins from close range
55:20Shot by GON JOSTEN, George HIGH.
Thru ball chipped high over netThru ball chipped high over net
Corner kick by TWU Adrian Kekec.56:07
Foul on TWU.
Foul on GON.
Foul on GON.
Shot by TWU Nick Perugini HIGH.60:09
Free kick from 25 ydsFree kick from 25 yds
Foul on TWU.
63:57Corner kick by GON PETERSON, Peter.
64:19Shot by GON BARCLAY, Nick, SAVE TEAM.
Header off corner from 8 yds straightawayHeader off corner from 8 yds straightaway
TWU substitution: Nathan Pogue for Jordan Hart.65:07
TWU substitution: Colby Sawatzky for Jason Flint.65:07
65:07GON substitution: REHA, John for PETERSON, Peter.
65:07GON substitution: HEINRICHS, Nick for SAWYER, Ben.
65:07GON substitution: MULLANEYk, Bryan for OWENS, Steve.
67:32Yellow card on GON LUNDBERG, Grant.
67:32GON substitution: OWENS, Steve for PALLADINO, John.
67:32GON substitution: MURAVEZ, Tim for LUNDBERG, Grant.
67:32GON substitution: PERDIDO, Tye for JOSTEN, George.
67:32Shot by GON PERDIDO, Tye WIDE LEFT.
69:36Shot by GON PERDIDO, Tye WIDE LEFT.
70:04Corner kick by GON FUNKHOUSER, Ben.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on GON.
73:48Shot by GON REHA, John WIDE RIGHT.
Wide open shot dribbled past right postWide open shot dribbled past right post
TWU substitution: Joel van Vliet for Mustafa Demirci.74:11
Foul on TWU.
76:13GOAL by GON MURAVEZ, Tim, Assist by FUNKHOUSER, Ben.
*Rebound off free kick blocked by wall
76:50Shot by GON OWENS, Steve, SAVE Tyler DeJong.
Low shot from right wing 18 ydsLow shot from right wing 18 yds
Foul on TWU.
Yellow card on TWU TEAM.80:03
Coach carded for vocalCoach carded for vocal
Yellow card on TWU Adrian Kekec.80:09
Foul on TWU.
81:22Yellow card on GON BARCLAY, Nick.
Foul on GON.
Shot by TWU Colby Sawatzky, SAVE HIGGINS, Vito.82:51
83:47Shot by GON PERDIDO, Tye, SAVE Tyler DeJong.
Deflected wide right by keeper off breakaway shot from left of boxDeflected wide right by keeper off breakaway shot from left of box
84:30Corner kick by GON FUNKHOUSER, Ben.
Foul on GON.
86:03GON substitution: BARANSKI, Conor for HEINRICHS, Nick.
Heinrichs out with blood on shortsHeinrichs out with blood on shorts
Offside against TWU.86:48
Foul on GON.
Shot by TWU Justin Farenik, SAVE HIGGINS, Vito.87:26
Hard, low shot off free kickHard, low shot off free kick
88:52Shot by GON REHA, John WIDE.
Header over crossbarHeader over crossbar
Yellow card on TWU Tyler DeJong.45:00

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